December 31, 2014

One more unique day

Yet another day begins, where the challenges are the same…

To connect the pieces

To see patterns

To create beyond the obvious

To see through illusions

To conquer life

To experience beyond linear time and separation

To harmonize all that limits our perception

November 20, 2014

Transmitting higher frequencies

When we “activate” ourselves on spiritual level, connect with our  ("higher")Self, things start functioning totally differently.

Being connected with our spirit, means that we have given up our own will, to the will of our Self, which is also our own anyway. For example, when you have a dilemma, a decision to make, you would have decided based on fear, subconscious programming, psychological and/or physical desire and so on, in the past. Yet now, you know that the decision has already been made and you need only quieten the linear mind, relax emotionally and remain open to receive that decision. That is trust!

November 8, 2014

A “little” drop in the ocean

There isn’t another – or there are so few that I don’t notice them because I have to “stand alone” – blogs, which are entirely self-sufficient, self-supported, which don’t rely on anyone else’s words, on already established beliefs or on needless advertisements and “freebies” to attract readers.

A difficult road to walk on, without the security of supporters, workers, followers and representatives, which would make the journey a much easier one.

Yet the calling of the true individuals, those who are sincerely ready to take responsibility of their own mind, their own reality and ultimately take the responsibility – in stern humility - of the whole world; of consciousness, does not rely in such methods, which we have used before.

October 24, 2014

The Buddha-like Victim

He lives his days as if he’s going to live forever.

He focuses on an end goal, not experiencing all the in between realities.

He accuses himself for the end result, which is only a natural, logical symptom of his chosen beingness; the way he chooses to react.

He makes up his own reality in his head, including everyone and anyone he wants in it, thinking for them but not with them. All alone he mixes and matches, he sets up and upturns whatever he wants, in the comfort of his lone making. There is no revealing, no sharing of that which he creates moment to moment in his head.

October 22, 2014

Honor Him!

Honor Him!
He has willingly been through a lot! The scars are deep and evident but his conquests are undeniably courageous and His own.

Honor Him!
His knowledge is irreplaceable. Your honor will turn it into wisdom. See everything He is in new eyes. He is The One!

Each time you dishonor Him, you deny yourself. Only you can see Him for you are His one and only choice, which has always been.

October 5, 2014

The weight of understanding

It doesn’t mean that because you understand you also, automatically, have to endure.

People misunderstand this, as I once did (long ago it seems)… when I wanted more guidance than I was getting, when I demanded more help than I was receiving, when I wanted to be excused and forgiven for my mistakes, just because “I was trying/awakening” and therefore belonged to a special group of people that could escape experiencing pain, and especially having to remain in the “I don’t know” zone.

Understanding, actually endorses the person who understands, a much greater responsibly than when he used to be a victim, when he had appointed enemies, when he couldn’t realize the mirrors he was playing parts in, when he was totally submerged in the virtual reality he called life.

He has the responsibility to respond authentically to life, each moment to each situation, in his every expression.

September 30, 2014

Significant beginnings

Young children show their personal traits and characteristics from the beginning of their lives. Some of these show as qualities and some of them as faults. They both need attendance.
The qualities need to be cultivated and the faults need to be reversed and molded to reveal their creative, self-serving side.

Every child is born with a basic personality, which is unique. It is much more than the sum total of the parents' qualities and faults. 

The Self carefully chooses a long "line" of a soul-family tree, which best reveals the needs of the soul and desires of the spirit. Then, the Ego has the difficult task of "doing its best with what it has", without having all this information on the surface of the mind.

August 3, 2014

Being willing to “lose”

This is even stranger than you thought. It always is, isn’t it?

And that's when it becomes clearer… because "strange" always changes something in the matrix of your perception. 

You are feeling and getting sentimental with a lot that seems to be going on within you and around you. By now, this is perfectly clear to you, as it is happening (not afterwards). 

“Getting sentimental,” means that you lose your discretion ability. That’s what happens! It’s that you start becoming too attached. And attachment narrows perception; has you “swimming in feelings, sensations and la-la land”, losing sight of the wider picture. 

July 28, 2014

The Center of Information

…And then I go on the internet and read on precisely that which I had been thinking about, as if the information is magically tied to me. But it is!

It happens all the time! I think about something and it suddenly appears in front of me. Either someone is telling me about it or I "fall on it" while surfing the net... or something even more profound, like my 7 year old daughter telling me a dream she just had, based on the exact same concepts I was thinking about a little while before.

Information doesn’t exist “out there”, regardless of you. It exists because of you. If no one paid attention to it, it would instantly disappear. And if people attached different thoughts and emotions to it, it would transform.

July 20, 2014

Innocence replaces blame

But oh, how we love fairy tales! We think/wish that we can automatically change anything by turning our focus on that which we want/wish for.

Believing the New Age mentality we are led to assume that “all we have to do” is focus on what we want, who we want to be and automatically, everything will change, our perspective will have shifted and we will be “born anew”.

If you followed these sentimental, advertising testimonials through time, you would discover to your (negative) amazement, that 9/10 they are not true; just stand-up expressions of wishful thinking and temporary excitement. Life doesn’t work that way! But we continue to hope and believe that it does. Hope and belief has us "running after rainbows" that would magically change our reality in an instant, when in reality, we fear of realizing our hidden truth.

July 2, 2014

From a different perspective

For some reason, and out of seeming “nowhere”, I’ve ended up researching “fractals” this morning; a word I’ve never even heard of, as I am not too familiar with mathematical terms.

I can remember exactly how I go there: from where I began (the initial site, article and words that caught my attention), what followed and exactly what steps I used to get there; to eventually reach that "something" that highly interested me for many reasons. The more I researched, the more I discovered that I already knew (from a totally different viewpoint, using completely different words, terms and images), but at the same time... there was still so much to learn and uncover!

Yet all this linear remembering DOES NOT matter. It just shows me a few undeniable truths:

July 1, 2014

You could (and should) doubt everything

The moment that you realize that you need to continuously doubt everything that you know – and I mean EVERYTHING – is a terrifying and at the same time THE most liberating moment of your entire life because after this, you start living!

I could state everything that I know entirely differently. I could expand on it and subtract from it, without being “wrong”. This is our polymorphic, paradox reality, deriving from our multidimensional selves that we are here to explore. Remaining attached to one-sided, limited, dense identities, keeps the laws of creation and destruction, unity and separation hidden and horribly deformed. 

We create and destruct whole worlds constantly, not realizing that we are doing it, each moment of every day. The whole purpose before we go any “higher”; to other planes of existence, is to learn to do it simultaneously, by integrating the opposites and stop categorizing, judging, which creates polarities.

June 24, 2014

Time travelers

Dreams within dreams within dreams!

In the dream you cannot manipulate “reality”, where you still need to face and fight with outer influences, which are projections (but very real), as well as face your inner demons. Inside these dreams you hurt, you die, you feel all the emotions, linear time exists. It’s only when you wake up from the specific dream that you realize that you are still alive and well and time takes on a new meaning.

And then, you realize that you still within a dream…

June 18, 2014

You don't have to... but you do!

You have to keep moving.

You have to dare risking.

You have to be prepared to fall and to hurt.

You have to focus of your immediate next step, which you pick out of the endless possibilities before you.

You have to be willing to endure, to let go, to devote yourself consciously.

You have to always desire to unlearn and relearn.

You have to be courageous to contract.

You have to be prepared to expand. You have to be centered and flexible at the same time.

June 14, 2014

Nothing to decide

We think that we decide and we really do have many decisions to make in a single day, let alone a lifetime. Yet every statement is true on the level of perception and nowhere else. That being said, this article is focusing on a more widened, peripheral vision or whatever else you like to call the expanded view/mind.

We make our decisions long before even the problem of choice arises in our linear lives. Yet we don’t know this. Basically, we make our choices long before we reach “here”, on another "level" of beingness. Then, we try to make sense of those decisions, thinking we are making choices, which we truly  understand. It sounds paradoxically funny, and yet that’s how most of us spend our energy during our short lifetimes.

June 11, 2014


Sometimes I think that I am the only one with “brains” for miles around. And then, there are also times when I think that I must have lost my mind, somewhere down the line. In either case, it’s never lonely “in here” because precisely due to the above, I am free to allow my mind to wonder and explore within and without, beyond matrices or piercing them deeply and also to remain totally empty and still.

And yet, I continue…

Sometimes, knowing nothing and something discovering or uncovering something. As weird as it may seem, I think that this is one of the characteristics that make me a teacher, a guide, a co-creator or however else one wishes to name it. I wouldn’t have it any other way from my own teachers either.

June 3, 2014

On Ethics and Free Will

We are each educated on specific ethical systems, depending on where and when we live. Most of us spend much of our life evaluating this taught ethical system, changing our ideas perhaps and searching for a more coherent and acceptable ethical system, which we can believe in and follow.

It is only when we dare to exit all the systems, all theories of knowledge that we begin to grasp the magnitude of the matrices that we form, by our own focus of attention. 

Perhaps the following will sound frightening at first or simply too radical to be worthy of your focused attention. But then truth is never dependent on our temporary ability of accepting or understanding it or not.

Our challenge is always the same one; can we exit all systems of thought and free our mind enough to explore?

May 29, 2014

Where the money goes

If you want to see where the world is heading, look towards where the money is going. But look closely, even if it hurts or if it makes your beliefs uncomfortable.

And don’t blame the money; that’s a child’s reaction. In fact, when you start blaming, you are caught in the middle of a tornado that will keep swirling you around like feather, lost in the wind.

So, where IS the money going? The amazing thing is that money does not hide. Take a look…

May 27, 2014

The ultimate Love Story

When the heart is silent, the mind must remain watchful; like a devoted, loving warrior, protecting his one and only love.

When the heart expresses, the whole world connects with her grace, truth and elegant magnificence.

The balanced dance of the two, which cannot go unnoticed, as all remain still, in awe.

He is the strength, the stability, the trust, the ultimate warrior.

She is amazingly flexible, as he supports her every move. She is the beauty, the daring, the confident adoration that makes her "fly" in soft, feather-like movements.

Together they create a unique dance on the stage of life that cannot be copied or ignored.

We have learned everything backwards…

May 17, 2014

Starting Over; can it be done?

Each moment, we have the opportunity to start over. But do we? And what does the phrase really mean? How do we “start over”?

Do we move house, change relationships, choose different habits? Do we choose positive thoughts against negative ones? What do we really mean when we say, “each day is a new day”?

Since everything is created in the mind, this proves a much more difficult task than we initially think it is. We usually make the mistake of separating: the outside from the inner reality, the others from us, our needs from our beliefs and so on and so forth. So, the initial prompt, “each day is a new day” becomes confusing or is easily and completely forgotten.

May 12, 2014

Looking for the Children

We have reached a point in our evolution where the most simple and obvious realization is not yet realized, at least seriously, on a large scale.

I’ll state it simply: Children should be included, respected and heard - seriously - in ALL meetings of scientists, psychologists, educators, politicians,  managers, healers, etc. We would then have a completely different world!

And I don’t mean the “small people”. I am not referring to size or age, which usually forms our understanding of the “children” group. No, the group I am referring to is a totally different one to our habitual thinking. “Children”, as I refer to them, are very unique people of all ages, who are usually under-estimated (or feared) by our rational, sophisticated, intellectual society.
But they all seem to have some traits in common…

May 6, 2014


We don’t understand each other because each one speaks through our own ideas, beliefs, needs and perception. All this, immediately and autonomously erects an invisible barrier between us, whether we know it or not.

It still sometimes shocks me, when I experientially realize that my words might be fully understood only by a few people, a few more might ask but the majority will totally misunderstand, totally misconceive that which they think they know is there. It is a continuous challenge for all of us I think…

Words might be the same, the syntax might be wrong or right, it doesn’t matter. Even in the perfect syntax, wording and analysis, misconception is still the most likely possibility. That which we see will always be a fraction of the whole that remains invisible and we don’t realize.

May 5, 2014

"Dialogues with god” (2)

This is a follow-up to the article “Dialogues with god”. After many conversations and dialogues  with people on the subject, there are certain areas that still need to be covered; as I am certain even more will arise.

Dialogues with one another are much more “difficult” than giving speeches, holding seminars, spreading teachings, even if all these have the usual “questions in the end” section or a live "question and answer" basis. There is still you the learner/inferior/student and the teacher/superior/knower. Even if we logically reject the idea, it subconsciously creates the essence of the gathering.  

April 30, 2014

Dialogues with god

We have many wars going on right now: the one against GMO, against drugs, against chemical weapons, you name it, there is a war declared against it. I can see the reality beneath all of them, as can anyone else who is able to see!

What many people who are consumed by these wars don’t realize and therefore get consumed by them, is that these are outer wars, expressing the inner ongoing war; the one with the ego. I too had to go through this stage in my younger years, to overcome it... coming out of it wiser, stronger, more humble and “down-to-earth”.

There is only one way to end all these wars, although not everyone is currently willing to let go of their “sworn missions”. I am writing this introductory article only for those who do and are willing to participate in this voluntarily.

April 22, 2014


I Am Love in Action!
What a beautiful inspiration, which involves so much…

Love restores health.

Love nourishes truth.

Love renews; the old has to be replaced by the new.

Love connects and uplifts the separated.

Love is power in disguise.

Love is expressing faith and commitment.

True Power

The hardest thing to do is to work in silence, in humility and in complete faith in your Self and your Own knowing. But it’s the most rewarding and most revealing of all states of being.

The ego has its own interpretation of what this means and these concepts must all be doubted and resolved.

I am often awed at how this whole “process” works… I also know that you can observe and fully integrate this whole multidimensional, totally amazing reality, only if you have fully understood and mastered objective observation; within and without.

April 21, 2014

True Healing

We can heal a disease but we cannot heal our life by any outside force nor with any automatic method or device. The ego produces immediate result. The Spirit does not.

The body and mind are connected with the Soul (our other bodies and timelines) through the subconscious, which becomes evident in dream symbols, life occurrences and their symbolism, our likes and dislikes, attractions, repulses, etc., which the mind has to understand and synthesize, after learning to recognize (not hypothesize).

Although all of our lives and timelines influence this one, we have the ability to change our destiny and the value of our journey right here right now, by realizing and dismantling the programs and "returning" to alignment with our Spiritual essence and potential, which is unlimited - provided we honor our power and serve with integrity.

April 20, 2014

Rethinking Reality

It is important to step in and out of this reality at will or it will consume you.

Using your own sensory receptors autonomously is no easy task. Being able to distinguish inner “higher” guidance from programming is an ongoing challenge, which becomes easier with practice. The poses and pretenses are many and real looking.

We remain our worst enemy until we begin to distinguish, realize and exit our own programming, which we often call our “truth” or “right”.

If we are really on the right Path - for there is only one - there will be many moments in our lives when we will be startled with Self-revelations: “Wow! I did not realize that this was in me” or …”that this still persisting” and so on... And each time, we would patiently, kindly and lovingly address whatever that might be within us, instead of ignore it.

April 14, 2014

Wisdom of a Warrior

I think that our childhood heroes speak directly to our soul and reveal an inner (most often hidden) part of us. Bruce Lee was my childhood hero, whom I still honor and respect, for many different reasons nowadays…

I also don’t think that we are meant to teach others through our own interpretations of great men’s words. For this reason, I will not enter my own thoughts in between the following Bruce Lee quotes but allow each one to think for themselves, expanding our own consciousness, according to what we each need at the present time.

More than we think we know...

We need to redefine so many things… practically everything that we think we know. And as each new definition is reached, causing transformation within, we discover that there is yet more undiscovered “ground” to reach.

It is hard for the linear mind to perceive that nothing can harm us, nothing and no one is against us and that life is secured. It is my opinion that not only is it hard for the linear mind to capture but impossible too. For the simple reason that it is not its “job” to know! And yet, we have been taught and trained to use a very small portion of our surface mind, excluding the majority of our abilities and possibilities.

There is so much that the linear, left brain does not “pick up” and yet we walk around assuming that we know and control reality, when in real truth, our senses and left brain are blind to 99% of all that is! We are taught to rationalize, intellectualize and choose between the opposites that we perceive. But cultivating and using our right brain, has its benefits…

April 13, 2014

Laying the Foundations

We are all out researching, learning, planning, creating, designing, healing our everyday lives, moment by moment. That’s one side of reality; each one in our own and in collective (group) realities that we have chosen to participate in. What many of us fail to realize is what is behind all this, how all this happens.

Sure, we want to learn, we are creative beings. We are constantly searching for new methods, improved theories, unique inventions and art forms, which would make our lives easier, more meaningful, more productive. And yet, what we still need to realize is the process; the mechanism of the whole process of invisible and manifested reality.

April 9, 2014

Would you show this to your children?

I love documentaries. I cannot even begin to count how many I’ve seen over the years. I loved this one too… but in so many other ways that words cannot even begin to express.

It takes a strong heart and a clear mind to watch without fast-forwarding or cutting it half way. That’s my personal experience. At the end, I decided that I couldn’t show this to my young child… and that’s the greatest issue for me!

Thinking about what we can tell our kids or not, what we could show our kids or not, has always been a crucial point of “correct thinking”, which steered me in the right direction.

Many questions rise after watching this documentary… see for yourself…

April 1, 2014


People think that they know you from your name and thus decide to listen to you or not. We have all done this, we all give in to this reality, whether we have consciously observed it or not.

Not only that, but according to your name (who they think that you are and your social presence), they are already preparing their answer within their own minds accordingly – unconsciously.

We are taught/educated to not listen, feel and experience the words but to pretend to know or investigate, based on the reflections that we see and all that we think that we know. In reality, we never really doubt all this.

March 30, 2014

Your Two Minds

We’re used to saying “I’m right brain dominant” or “I’m left brain dominant”, not really recognizing that “left brain" people also have a right brain and vice-versa. Furthermore, the new trend is to discard this theory altogether, based on “lack of scientific evidence”.

I will dare to cut through all the definitions, impressions, hypothesis and perceived concepts, beyond science and superstition, in an attempt to offer a little more practical understanding, through experience. For, beyond all the clear-cut views, physical evidence and structured thesis, there is another world, the least noted, the least appreciated; that of a right brain/chaotic mind/"unspecialized" person, who thinks outside any box.

March 22, 2014

Imagery and Illusions

Sometimes the linear mind does not understand and I realize that some of my articles seem "difficult" and vague. I used to run away from similar articles in the past. Now I have a better understanding of how the brain/mind works, and I realize that freedom of thought has to be an inner choice, not an imposed illusion. I also realize my responsibility in providing false images and false truths instead of pathways to our own inner wisdom.

It’s discernment and not escape from temptation that makes us balanced and centered.

March 19, 2014

Our roles with children

We tend to separate the roles, assuming that we can.
We do so because most of us don't recognize these roles within ourselves.

We do so because the mechanism of our thinking (left brain based) is totally isolated, distracted and disoriented.
Inevitably; through education, both within and without schools.

Yet different and often seemingly contradictory roles need to be equally present in child-raising. Friend, warrior, nurturer, coach, feminine, masculine, wise elder, healer, leader, follower, learner, adventurer, artist, etc, etc... Archetypes or roles, call them what you will. It's not the name that matters. It's the substance, which needs to be revealed in practice, where theories, rules and partial perceptions weave the reality of your learning ground.

March 18, 2014

Through the whole mind...

... even the word "whole" is an imposition.

I seem to be “out of time and out of space” this morning. It’s a weird but familiar feeling. I have grown to accept it and pay attention to it, while “teaching myself” to simultaneously exist within the time-frame of my physical existence. Sound familiar?

If only more of us didn’t limit our minds so much and welcomed our expanded state of consciousness. For many, this remains a theory, which they pack with lots of taught practices that have really nothing to do with what I am talking about.

It’s actually very practical and “down-to-earth” living, using the amazing abilities of your mind.

March 17, 2014

I Am because We Are

Universal Basic Income: "a society in which people work only because they have to have money is no better than slavery" - Enno Schmidt.

Can we turn this around?

In another world… which we could create if we wanted to…

Can we help each other grow?

March 16, 2014

Invisible Creation

No matter what you did or what you understood about what you did, your energy belongs to you and should not be left, as prey, to the outside (matrix) world.

Let’s go deeper…

The waiter at the cafeteria had a very negative, “pushing away” energy. The whole place was “cold” and “distant”. That is what you need to recognize and not "why". The left brain loses a lot of energy trying to figure out the "why" of a situation. Was it me, was it something I said? Should we have gone somewhere else? I demand respect and a good service, etc etc. Lost in self-importance, the ego misses the essence, the hidden reality that is beneath all that.

March 15, 2014

Portrait of a slave

This slave worked hard but went by completely unnoticed. H didn’t have a name or a face. He "didn’t exist" no matter how much he did. Nothing was ever good enough... or enough!

His secret dream was that one day he would be noticed and taken/picked out of the anonymous crowd to be freed, delivered from all the hardships and the piercing pain of worthlessness, of non-existence, of non-individuality.

March 14, 2014

Second Vision

A dyslexic has a second vision, a second point of reference, second sight.
But only those who are willing to remember, to acknowledge and to learn all over again, will be able to use and appreciate this gift.

When we drop the label, we will be able to know the truth that we have been hiding from ourselves (and others).

Then we will know that we all possess the gift, we can all use that which remains idle within us. Then, we will change all that we thought we knew.

March 13, 2014

Seeing the abundance

Remembering, recalling, synthesizing, gaining perception requires and draws up a lot of energy.

For one, most people don’t have the “time” to do this, running around to meet their goals.Secondly, many people don’t have the required energy for this “task”. Admittedly, it requires large amounts of energy.

The expansion of inner vision, leaves you tired, like you have been running a marathon or something like that, relieved, a little wiser, sad, and also humbly grateful for all that you have seen.

March 11, 2014

Lost in perception

What does it mean to express that which you are?

It means to dare to give out (share with others) the reality that has formed within you, in the moment.

Through sharing, exposing or rather expressing, more information comes within the initial view. Even contradiction serves the clearance and a new united form emerges, with the participation of the many, as individual contribution.

So expressing or daring to bring out that which you are in the moment, does not imply a fixed, unchanged position but rather a clear image that is revealed (only) to you, which is waiting to expand, through communication.

March 8, 2014

The connection of meditation and conscious observation

If you come to the conclusion that nothing matters, you also have to conclude that everything matters. They are both sides to the same coin. 
Moreover, they have to remain mutually apparent; you need to remember both at the same time. Only then, can you make a sincere and creative decision.

If either one is absent in your thinking, you make hasty decisions, you create drama and/or you limit your perception.

March 5, 2014


He/she who accuses is he/she who does not understand. What is there to forgive? Only ignorance serves arrogance...

It is a wiser and a higher virtue, to help the one who does not understand and release him/her if the obligation or the need of forgiveness.

The one who does not understand is always you! Otherwise, you would not have the need of the belief of ”accusation – forgiveness”, which others and other belief structures want to place in you, as truth.

March 3, 2014

Why can't we see the obvious?

It doesn’t matter how many of us come up with new ideas, new ways to free ourselves from bondage, misery and lack. We need to work together. We need to share what we each have, being willing to include within our space of knowledge, all the little pieces of the puzzle; others, who will make the whole.

It doesn’t matter who we are or what we have accomplished. The reality remains that there is not one person, who has the whole Truth, the One solution, the One way. As long as we are believing this can be so, we are depriving ourselves and all others of what might be, all that can be, all that we can reach.

March 1, 2014

Raising consciously aware children

Teaching a child to think for herself is probably the hardest thing to do and the hardest lesson for her to learn. Raising children who can’t think for themselves is so much easier and less work.

But what does it mean to “think for yourself”? Does it mean to have your own opinion? No, we have much too many of those and people still don’t think for themselves. Does it mean to choose your own beliefs, interests, likes and dislikes? Still no! All this, only creates more wars, more greed and more injustice.

February 27, 2014

The truth about books

How can I ever express all the amazing thoughts that are running in my mind? How also, can I ever express the amazing feelings that are running continuously through me?

Truth is so amazingly simple that it continues to scare people away.

Bits and pieces of thoughts, scattered here and there, can mean nothing to the disassociated Man and in the meantime can show through a hologram, the grand unification of the One (whole) Mind.

February 26, 2014

The money taboo and judgment

This morning I was reading a really interesting, long discussion on facebook, on very crucial subjects. For those of you who believe that facebook is a waste of time, I’d like to say that you have believed one more story, without thinking for yourselves beyond the obvious and the collectively accepted.

Nevertheless, I realized once more, that too much talking and endless analysis doesn’t help the mind to think freely but quite the contrary, prevents creative thought. This is another subject, which I’ll probably get back to at some point.

February 25, 2014

Be all that you CAN be

We are always told that we should “be who we really are”. But the point is, that we are ALWAYS being who we really are!

The only problem with that is that our mind and/or the world has a problem with who we are. And that’s how the confusion begins within, and extends without.

First you need to understand that you are always who you want to be. And becoming consciously aware of that, is a long road in itself.

It takes a lot of real de-programming of the mind, a complete change in the way that you think, to achieve that. Until finally, you come to the realization, that there was never a moment in your life when you weren’t who you really wanted to be.