July 28, 2014

The Center of Information

…And then I go on the internet and read on precisely that which I had been thinking about, as if the information is magically tied to me. But it is!

It happens all the time! I think about something and it suddenly appears in front of me. Either someone is telling me about it or I "fall on it" while surfing the net... or something even more profound, like my 7 year old daughter telling me a dream she just had, based on the exact same concepts I was thinking about a little while before.

Information doesn’t exist “out there”, regardless of you. It exists because of you. If no one paid attention to it, it would instantly disappear. And if people attached different thoughts and emotions to it, it would transform.

We find that which we seek, either within or without. It is of lesser importance WHAT we find but what we do with that which we find. Because the most important question is seldom asked, let alone answered truthfully: WHY do we want/need this information that we seek? Ninety nine times out of a hundred, the hidden intention is egoic but we don’t realize it.

The ego always has some egoic intention rolled up its sleeve, although it is made up in such a way as to present its "best intentions", in all cases. "Egoic" doesn't mean "bad" or "wrong", as we are led to believe. It just means "ego-preserving". It becomes "bad" (working against Us), as long as we remain ignorant of our hidden intentions; as long as we think we are hiding from our own consciousness. In that case, we continue to remain ignorant, supporting viewpoints as whole truths, rejecting and/or fight others for being "false", trying desperately to place the information in "neat little boxes" in our minds, thinking that we "know"!

The ego searches for information to build its case, to feel included, justified, be free of fear and pain, feel righteous, strong, belonging, connected, knowledgeable etc. Only in one percent out of a hundred cases (numbers are irrelevant and only used here as a matter of speech), we are guided purely by Soul, Spirit and Ego, working together for a totally different purpose, where the whole scenery changes and everything takes on a whole new meaning.

Long ago, I used to support the phrase, "all that you need is graciously given to you". Yet now I realize the true meaning and significance of the phrase. Therefore, I would be cautious of repeating it in the same wording, giving it power it really doesn't have.

At no time does any piece of information become the center of attraction or the flag that we wave around for everyone to see. It (information; inner or outer) merely serves as valuable and needed parts of a grand puzzle, which our mind is able to grasp, which doesn’t have any meaning on its own, nor does the small ego use it as “proof” of its limited perception. Thus, the initial amazement or enthusiasm, quickly gives way to silent discretion, as details are forgotten, discarded or transformed within the larger picture/perception… no matter the source of information.

The Self, always remaining at the center of existence, bold and humble at the same time, travels the world of information lightly and softly. Any majestic, thunderous, over-whelming verbal expressions are posing truths, which eventually lose their credibility, their falsely anointed glitter, as they become obsolete. The bigger the impact, the harder the fall… but only the Self can be around to see. The egos will have been extinguished with it.

Xristiana Sophia

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