May 28, 2012

Do's and don't s of Dyslexia

Children with Dyslexia fall into a vast category of right-brained children, which includes children with Aspeger syndrome, AD(H)D and other "syndromes". Although each group has its own unique characteristics, as each individual also has, this vast category of right-brain dominant individuals have a totally different way of thinking, processing, perceiving that is not yet understood or appreciated, in our left-brain society.

This article gives a small insight to parents of these different, unique children. Its purpose is to provide a new outlook, a totally different perspective on dyslexia, our unique children and ourselves.

These are not things you will often come across, for a whole profit-based empire benefits from our ignorance, fear and guilt-based agreement to "fixing" our children. After decades of research, experience, teaching and learning, all I can honestly advise you, while reading this article, is to open your mind and trust your inner knowing for truth. 

May 25, 2012

Rethinking learning

Considering what most of us have experienced at school and during our upbringing, some words, like “learning” have acquired a rather negative energy in our minds.We seldom (if ever) go back to change that initial subconscious interpretation.

The truth is that we continue to learn daily. What we learn and how we learn, depends on the degree that we are conscious of our self.

As you read the following text, think of the way a small child learns…

You learn when you don’t criticize yourself.

Every time you criticize yourself negatively, you impede learning, growing and changing. Every time you concentrate on what you have not yet achieved, what you are not, you draw away from your goal and that which you need to do in order to achieve it.

You learn when you move toward unfamiliar ground, when you abandon the familiar, the known.

Otherwise you merely repeat what you have already achieved. The purpose of life is to experiment, to change, to creation the new and to evolve from all that.