March 30, 2014

Your Two Minds

We’re used to saying “I’m right brain dominant” or “I’m left brain dominant”, not really recognizing that “left brain" people also have a right brain and vice-versa. Furthermore, the new trend is to discard this theory altogether, based on “lack of scientific evidence”.

I will dare to cut through all the definitions, impressions, hypothesis and perceived concepts, beyond science and superstition, in an attempt to offer a little more practical understanding, through experience. For, beyond all the clear-cut views, physical evidence and structured thesis, there is another world, the least noted, the least appreciated; that of a right brain/chaotic mind/"unspecialized" person, who thinks outside any box.

March 22, 2014

Imagery and Illusions

Sometimes the linear mind does not understand and I realize that some of my articles seem "difficult" and vague. I used to run away from similar articles in the past. Now I have a better understanding of how the brain/mind works, and I realize that freedom of thought has to be an inner choice, not an imposed illusion. I also realize my responsibility in providing false images and false truths instead of pathways to our own inner wisdom.

It’s discernment and not escape from temptation that makes us balanced and centered.

March 19, 2014

Our roles with children

We tend to separate the roles, assuming that we can.
We do so because most of us don't recognize these roles within ourselves.

We do so because the mechanism of our thinking (left brain based) is totally isolated, distracted and disoriented.
Inevitably; through education, both within and without schools.

Yet different and often seemingly contradictory roles need to be equally present in child-raising. Friend, warrior, nurturer, coach, feminine, masculine, wise elder, healer, leader, follower, learner, adventurer, artist, etc, etc... Archetypes or roles, call them what you will. It's not the name that matters. It's the substance, which needs to be revealed in practice, where theories, rules and partial perceptions weave the reality of your learning ground.

March 18, 2014

Through the whole mind...

... even the word "whole" is an imposition.

I seem to be “out of time and out of space” this morning. It’s a weird but familiar feeling. I have grown to accept it and pay attention to it, while “teaching myself” to simultaneously exist within the time-frame of my physical existence. Sound familiar?

If only more of us didn’t limit our minds so much and welcomed our expanded state of consciousness. For many, this remains a theory, which they pack with lots of taught practices that have really nothing to do with what I am talking about.

It’s actually very practical and “down-to-earth” living, using the amazing abilities of your mind.

March 17, 2014

I Am because We Are

Universal Basic Income: "a society in which people work only because they have to have money is no better than slavery" - Enno Schmidt.

Can we turn this around?

In another world… which we could create if we wanted to…

Can we help each other grow?

March 16, 2014

Invisible Creation

No matter what you did or what you understood about what you did, your energy belongs to you and should not be left, as prey, to the outside (matrix) world.

Let’s go deeper…

The waiter at the cafeteria had a very negative, “pushing away” energy. The whole place was “cold” and “distant”. That is what you need to recognize and not "why". The left brain loses a lot of energy trying to figure out the "why" of a situation. Was it me, was it something I said? Should we have gone somewhere else? I demand respect and a good service, etc etc. Lost in self-importance, the ego misses the essence, the hidden reality that is beneath all that.

March 15, 2014

Portrait of a slave

This slave worked hard but went by completely unnoticed. H didn’t have a name or a face. He "didn’t exist" no matter how much he did. Nothing was ever good enough... or enough!

His secret dream was that one day he would be noticed and taken/picked out of the anonymous crowd to be freed, delivered from all the hardships and the piercing pain of worthlessness, of non-existence, of non-individuality.

March 14, 2014

Second Vision

A dyslexic has a second vision, a second point of reference, second sight.
But only those who are willing to remember, to acknowledge and to learn all over again, will be able to use and appreciate this gift.

When we drop the label, we will be able to know the truth that we have been hiding from ourselves (and others).

Then we will know that we all possess the gift, we can all use that which remains idle within us. Then, we will change all that we thought we knew.

March 13, 2014

Seeing the abundance

Remembering, recalling, synthesizing, gaining perception requires and draws up a lot of energy.

For one, most people don’t have the “time” to do this, running around to meet their goals.Secondly, many people don’t have the required energy for this “task”. Admittedly, it requires large amounts of energy.

The expansion of inner vision, leaves you tired, like you have been running a marathon or something like that, relieved, a little wiser, sad, and also humbly grateful for all that you have seen.

March 11, 2014

Lost in perception

What does it mean to express that which you are?

It means to dare to give out (share with others) the reality that has formed within you, in the moment.

Through sharing, exposing or rather expressing, more information comes within the initial view. Even contradiction serves the clearance and a new united form emerges, with the participation of the many, as individual contribution.

So expressing or daring to bring out that which you are in the moment, does not imply a fixed, unchanged position but rather a clear image that is revealed (only) to you, which is waiting to expand, through communication.

March 8, 2014

The connection of meditation and conscious observation

If you come to the conclusion that nothing matters, you also have to conclude that everything matters. They are both sides to the same coin. 
Moreover, they have to remain mutually apparent; you need to remember both at the same time. Only then, can you make a sincere and creative decision.

If either one is absent in your thinking, you make hasty decisions, you create drama and/or you limit your perception.

March 5, 2014


He/she who accuses is he/she who does not understand. What is there to forgive? Only ignorance serves arrogance...

It is a wiser and a higher virtue, to help the one who does not understand and release him/her if the obligation or the need of forgiveness.

The one who does not understand is always you! Otherwise, you would not have the need of the belief of ”accusation – forgiveness”, which others and other belief structures want to place in you, as truth.

March 3, 2014

Why can't we see the obvious?

It doesn’t matter how many of us come up with new ideas, new ways to free ourselves from bondage, misery and lack. We need to work together. We need to share what we each have, being willing to include within our space of knowledge, all the little pieces of the puzzle; others, who will make the whole.

It doesn’t matter who we are or what we have accomplished. The reality remains that there is not one person, who has the whole Truth, the One solution, the One way. As long as we are believing this can be so, we are depriving ourselves and all others of what might be, all that can be, all that we can reach.

March 1, 2014

Raising consciously aware children

Teaching a child to think for herself is probably the hardest thing to do and the hardest lesson for her to learn. Raising children who can’t think for themselves is so much easier and less work.

But what does it mean to “think for yourself”? Does it mean to have your own opinion? No, we have much too many of those and people still don’t think for themselves. Does it mean to choose your own beliefs, interests, likes and dislikes? Still no! All this, only creates more wars, more greed and more injustice.