July 17, 2016

The Teachers...

A teacher cannot have many students. The ones that do, are false teachers....equally needed until you find your own, in your world.

For these teachers, each student is unique; a whole different world that deserves attention, respect and careful (devoted) guidance.

Teaching is not taught. It is cultivated within, often needing more than a lifespan of learning, researching, serving as a dedicated learner, which he/she always is.

July 2, 2016

A "utopic" Union

To persevere, to hang in there, to push on and trust…for how long, till when?

The temporal self is too impatient and too easily diverted towards more tempting paths. But some of us are not side-tracked as easily…

You take a wrong turning here and there, which all aids to your whole experience. But you fast-track back to your own path.

Something unexplainable (for a long time...all your life) speaks to you within and won’t let you wander off or get lost. You could always sense it, even if you didn’t have a name for it, a description.