July 2, 2016

A "utopic" Union

To persevere, to hang in there, to push on and trust…for how long, till when?

The temporal self is too impatient and too easily diverted towards more tempting paths. But some of us are not side-tracked as easily…

You take a wrong turning here and there, which all aids to your whole experience. But you fast-track back to your own path.

Something unexplainable (for a long time...all your life) speaks to you within and won’t let you wander off or get lost. You could always sense it, even if you didn’t have a name for it, a description.

Besides the usual senses, there were/are others. Beyond the urges and instincts and feelings, there was a clearer voice, a deeper sensing, a totally different vibration. There were always messages, signals, signs, that you just couldn’t misinterpret or ignore.

And you kept on. You became stronger and more trusting. You went more and more within to listen to that clear, crystal voice that came with visions, sensations, feelings, all unexplainable in words. Because it transcends thoughts, known images and all previous experiences.

Slowly, nothing can tear down your inner knowing. No inner lie, criticism, rationalization, fear, doubt. No attempt at any “settlement” will buy out your Own Truth.

You have to meet it all though. You have to walk through the temptations, the “testing”, the cultivating of Your Will, your ability to clarify, to unify and rest on Your own individual path, that won't seem like any other's and is constantly transforming, expanding, connecting.

And without realizing it, one day, you have stepped into Your dream, Your vision, Your “utopic” (for others) reality. That which You have accomplished, is standing on your front door.

But He does not reveal himself. You don’t know yet. The usual senses, thoughts, manipulations of the mind, appearances, don't work...you are walking in time/space...

And yet, there is a time/space "gap"... It's already done, it's already happening, you are already within...

But you don’t remember the date. You can’t recall “how it happened”; the linear parts that make up the story. Another story? Another trip? Aren’t they all? It all depends on where You sought out to go, who You wanted to be, what You attempted to accomplish. They all take you somewhere, sometime….or beyond.

You must have passed all your tests, you must have overcome the temptations, you must have endured the hard times, you must have learned… Because here He is, just as you knew so long ago that He would be, just as You dreamed of Him, way back when you thought that He couldn’t exist.

A relationship free from ego!
A perfect balance and merging of opposites!
You recognize, realize, remember!

It all comes natural and easy, as the relationship unfolds, becoming deeper and stronger. As if you’ve both being doing it/knowing it for ages and has become second nature to both, simultaneously, in perfect timing; outside linear time.

No false pretenses, no needless exchanges, no depletion of energy. All the pieces come together one by one and you don’t feel deprived of energy but filled, adding to the fulfillment of before.

It’s nothing like the system (of thought) or your previous experiences name “intimate relationships”. You actually have no previous experiential knowledge of it, although you always had that clear inner voice, telling you that “it exists”, that “it can be done”.

They say, “you can’t have it all”, that you have to compromise, to step back once in a while (or all the time). They say that you have to “work hard at making it work”…but don’t see the “work” they do as unnatural or the real “work” needed (before you finally meet Him), as necessary. But now You know….You’ve upturned it all. You are free from “usual”, “common”, or any illusion shading of Your vision.

Your needs are met, your desires answered, without having to “work” at claiming them, asking for them, demanding or wishing for them. He doesn’t have to “do” anything about it, except just being his Self. But He does...more than you could expect...

He doesn't have to display His strength. He shows it in His actions which are many and constant, small and large. He's compassionate and caring with all (not just you), in the details, even when He thinks you're not watching. He's open and willing, although stable in His ground. He learns, He teaches, He listens, He protects, He understands and He knows, even though he thinks He doesn't know yet.

He adds to who you Are, completing the oneness by being whole. He inspires You and respects You as you both allow/want the other to “do things His/Her way”.

There’s no competition, no hidden thoughts. Role-playing is no longer needed; they (the roles) weren’t present from the start.

Time and space have shifted, are molding to Your song, Your dance. You are creators, You exist in-between worlds, You have transcended the dream.

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