July 17, 2016

The Teachers...

A teacher cannot have many students. The ones that do, are false teachers....equally needed until you find your own, in your world.

For these teachers, each student is unique; a whole different world that deserves attention, respect and careful (devoted) guidance.

Teaching is not taught. It is cultivated within, often needing more than a lifespan of learning, researching, serving as a dedicated learner, which he/she always is.

True teachers are rare. It doesn't matter what they are called. They choose their students. They cannot be bought. Their Spirit belongs to them. When you understand this through your own Spirit, THEN you will be able to spot them through the ages, within the spectrum of your own wisdom.

They can hardly be called a "group", for they don't belong, they don't comply, they don't bow. Yet, they are a class of their own , completely different from any known class of any time, as they are different between themselves too.

A true teacher has been broken, has been lost, has failed many times over, has known pain, has met and danced with his/her demons, has traveled alone to the depths of his/her Soul and to the farthest "edges" of the Universe. He/she has been and felt frighteningly small, weak and totally ignorant as he/she has confidently crushed all false gods and former knowledge, to the disgust and disapproval of the believers.

Such a teacher's life story could not fit into any book, any description. No revelation could set him/her up for worship and/or admiration. Only ignorance cultivates those attributes.

You can prosecute them, ridicule them, ignore them, admire them; it doesn't matter to them. They will be equally and totally dedicated, Self-driven. They know that they will not be understood until the end: YOUR end! You can follow them, crush them, agree or disagree with them, burn them, place them on pedestals, they will remain untouched.

Most of the time they are unrecognizable. They will walk past you while your eyes are lifted, looking for the stars or a miracle. They would sit next to you on the train when you are going to meet a renowned sage. They would probably tell you something you don't want to hear, challenging the very structure of your cells.

They walk in disguise....this has always intrigued me in stories, myths and legends....

It's a love affair....

Xristiana Sophia

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