November 30, 2013

The meaning of joy!

I don't like extremities...

"A day without laughter is a day wasted"! Not so! Don't believe one-sided viewpoints. No matter the context, they are limiting.

Yet, in this post, I want to show a different angle, which we tend to miss or forget...

A friend on facebook sent me the video below, which got me thinking. Take a look...

November 25, 2013

Spirit – Soul Connection

We live by our beliefs and that’s why it is difficult to rise above them and above our ego.

The ego IS a structure that we have formed with timeless repetitions, which result, through gaining expertise in structuring, de-structuring and re-structuring. We spend lifetimes believing we ARE our beliefs and our formed egos.

Karma… Where does it fit into all of this? Everything we were, are, will be, transmutes in one single, eternal moment, in which we can make the Spirit – Soul connection and rise above time and space, as well as fragmented perception.

Why were we born?

Because we wanted to!

November 22, 2013

The Power to release

The only way we can experience pain, is if we have inflicted pain on others. Our Self is ALWAYS expressed through others.

We do not forgive or ask for forgiveness. That is acknowledging an illusion as reality. It is the ego’s way.

We need to dissolve the illusion, through a completely open and liberated heart, freeing the other and our self at the same time, from the drama experienced as pain.

What we ask for is the power and the wisdom to open our hearts truthfully and completely, to include all, unconditionally. This involves gratitude, for all that we have learned, for all the roles that were played willingly and perfectly by all, including ourselves, for all the darkness that pointed to the light.

Challenges for Warriors

Wisdom is found when we transcend the surface (or lower) mind.

Beyond thoughts, which we have accepted and observed in objectivity and humility, lies the knowledge that we seek.

Thoughts form patterns, which the linear mind cannot perceive. We need the cooperation of the right brain to see beyond fragments of reality that seem chaotic but from a distance form a unique magnificent image of meaning and purpose.

The challenge is to “leave your judgmental mind behind as you flow through life, observing your existence”.

We can only do this if our brain has been taught to function as a whole, combining all necessary operations, to serve the self.

November 21, 2013

More thoughts to ponder on…

(whole articles and/or books can be written on each of these thoughts...)

The surface mind doesn’t stop to race ahead, based on the past, as long as it remains programmed and untrained to serve...

The answers provided by its programming are always only "skin-deep", no matter what we assume to know...

We see as we are unconsciously programmed to see; no one and nothing besides our own self is responsible for our perception...

We need to understand the brain/mind connection and realize the power we have but are unaware of... 

What we focus our attention on, whether positive or negative becomes a closed reality once we believe it... 

November 20, 2013

Deconstructing reality

Sentence structure in this article is deliberate. See if you can figure out why… also take time to remain on each separate viewpoint and consciously consider your own (clue: read with your right brain or your heart)

If you take it one step further and write down your own truths, that which you believe behind the masks of your roles, you will have a clearer picture of where you are heading and how.


What are we looking for, where and how?

Everything that happens is for my own good.

Who is fit to judge this? What are tools that he has to judge?

Surely, the mind that files and categorizes does not seem to understand nor accept all that seem to threaten our very existence.

The more we try to control and to steer our personal life (because there is no other), the more we seem to be failing at the attempt.

We begin to search high and low, looking for answers, solutions, treatments and techniques, for the purpose of becoming “more able” to stand at the center of our lives and sense the value and meaning of our existence.

November 18, 2013

Experiencing unschooling

Raising a child who has never attended any formal schooling, social conditioning or structure, is both a challenge and an amazing journey.

My youngest daughter is six years old and has never been to any day care, kindergarten nor has she started school along with her friends and peers in September.

The decision to not school (or condition) her in any way, on any level was not one that I made after “careful thinking” or long term planning. It was more an intuitive decision, one that came very naturally, according to our way of living based on my values.

November 15, 2013

I don’t have to change the world, what a relief!

When people ask me what I DO, I invent all sorts of answers and they are different each time. I usually say, “I strip people of their deceptions” or “I am the bitch who mirrors to people what they don’t want to see” or better still, "I am the one who shakes you to awaken because you asked me to”. Anyway…

I’m not on a mission to save the world, change people or persuade anyone about anything. Nevertheless, I “specialize” on paradoxes, that often drive people crazy… sometimes I drive myself crazy too.

I’m a passionate person, so either you’re in or you’re out. Either you move your legs on the bicycle or you fall. As simple as that! Sometimes I see the hole, and drive right into it.

November 9, 2013

Being disheartened

(probably right brained people can identify with this one more)

It’s happening all over again. You can see the pattern: you devote yourself totally to something, you lose yourself AND time completely within it, and then you pull yourself out, as abruptly as you got absorbed. You can’t seem to finish what you started, you suddenly lose your enthusiasm as quickly as it came on and you find yourself wanting to run away from that which you initially chose.


Do you get intimidated of the work involved? Maybe you should “break it down” and not get over-worked trying to absorb it all at once.

Do you not believe that you can complete that which you started? Sure, you’ve experienced this many times before but maybe it is time to consciously think about it, re-establishing your self-worth.