March 17, 2014

I Am because We Are

Universal Basic Income: "a society in which people work only because they have to have money is no better than slavery" - Enno Schmidt.

Can we turn this around?

In another world… which we could create if we wanted to…

Can we help each other grow?

This is one way, in which we can begin to co-create; by participating practically, to that which we wish to support and see/materialize more of.

We consciously choose who and what we wish to support.
We resist following old practices and habits.
We nurture the worthwhile and creative.
We contribute on all levels.

This morning, I came across the following, beautiful video, which expresses my focus of attention.
Ubuntu translates roughly into "human kindness" It is an idea from the Southern African region which means literally "human-ness," and is often translated as "humanity towards others," but is often used in a more philosophical sense to mean "the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity".

The idea goes to the personal question - what are you doing in your life, is it actually what you want to do for the right reasons that leave you being fulfilled and joyfully expressive?

I know that money is a huge taboo issue, which drives people to search for that which they need to gain. We have all been educated the same way. Yet, contrary to the "systems' way", I would much sooner:

have no ads on the blog, according to my sense of truth and fair exchange
pay someone to teach my daughter the right ballet steps, postures and moves, rather than have her pose for exams, strive for competition and deprive her of the joy of the game
teach someone the feeling and the experience of English rather than earn a lifeless diploma that will mean nothing in the end
sit and talk to a wise old man instead of a renowned public figure about the meaning of life
work endless hours even when they cannot be recognized because that's what I enjoy doing and contributing
drop everything to spend time with my children, knowing that my conscious presence means more than anything I can buy them

But then, that's radical living.... or is it natural living? 
Could we begin to authentically and consciously co-create? I think that we have already begun... and we are growing in number...

Are my articles worth one euro of your money? Is “sharing” really appreciated when we give as well as take from others? Can we support one another’s talents instead of “working for money”?

Click on the "Subscribe" link on the left sidebar, then select your desired subscription amount, based on your evaluation of value and affordable contribution.

Alternatively, click on the “Donation” link and donate as little as a euro a month or a euro an article that you feel worthy of sharing, uploading or contemplating on. (You'll really never miss it!)
If you aren't comfortable with the auto-payment option, simply go to PayPal and under the "Send Money" tab, put in my PayPal email address;, put in the amount, then click on this button: "I'm sending money to family and friends". That way, I'll get 100% of your support.

And that's not all you can do. You can grant me your comments, thoughts and own expressions, on the articles. You can give me your own ideas which will help us both grow. You can begin worthwhile conversations, beyond agreeing or disagreeing with me. You can express your opinions, based on your own findings.  You can suggest other co-creators who are ready and willing to unite in knowledge and wisdom for the good of all.

This idea is not based on the usual "matrix's" idea/habit of  "I'll support you if you'll support me", which creates all of the injustice in our world.
It is based on the idea that "I'll do what my truth tells me to do regardless of how many are following my way because I know that if I am following my heart and my unique talent, there are equally the right (and enough) people to support me, according to that which I have to offer".

We need to tell each other what we really need. It's no good assuming that everyone simply wants what we want to offer. Hiding (for me) is the only "crime" and one that really doesn't pay off in the end!

This changes our whole concept of justice, truth and love! And we remain open, willing explores, enthusiastic lovers of life...


  1. Thank you !

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