January 1, 2016

Falling in Love

Few of us know or are prepared for falling in love. We don't realize what it means, we don't decode symbols, we can't see beyond the linear surface of our lives. And so, we easily fall out of love!

The greatest force of the universe is in front of our eyes, in everything that surrounds us, all that we are, and yet, it remains unnoticed, as we continue to focus on all that we think we seek, avoiding to get consumed by love. But, all that we seek and find outside of this, is always less, unfulfilling and small. For nothing can compare, match or surpass the state of being in love.

We are correct in being afraid of it... and so it must be as we become worthy, strong and transparent!

We have a romantic, utopic idea of "being in love"; the union, the merging of worlds. But the more esoteric, wholistic this union is, the bigger/wider/deeper the effect, the sensation and the stirring without, in all directions, seen and unseen.