June 27, 2013


There will be many articles on unschooling in the near future, as it is a huge subject, mostly still unknown.

Unschooling is much more than choosing not to send my child to school (public or private). Schooling in its broader meaning is everything that has to do with our social and cultural conditioning.

Whether we are aware or not of the extent that this continuous conditioning, it nevertheless shapes - without our conscious consent - who we are. There is not an area in our lives where this subconscious conditioning has not and is not affecting. It could not therefore, leave our roles as parents and educators unaffected.

That which concerns me the most is the ignorant, irresponsible way in which we are bringing up and tutoring our children. This is not about blame or guilt. It is about taking responsibility of being aware who we are and who we want to be.

June 22, 2013

Wanting to control

Oh yes, I know the theory; "we are not meant to control but to allow" and "go with the flow". Sure, but... the process is usually unknown and I feel it is the essence of our human experience, where much joy, learning and expanding takes place. We tend to focus on destinations and before we realize it, we've been there, left and what's left is a bitter taste of bitterness because all that matter seem to pass by too fast.

Yet, as for the "good" as well as the "bad", the process is the same and being consciously aware makes all the difference. The greatest wonder of life is discovering and uniting our Self through our experiences.

June 21, 2013

Your Dark Side


You won't make it. You are more likely to end your life the way you started it; ignorant and miserable.

Your pathetic attitude of asking for help when, in reality, you wish to remain exactly where and as you are is undeniably evident.

All this talk of "love", your deep-rooted dependence on those and that which you (secretly) loathe, is cunningly manipulative.

You expect to be "sweet talked" and you hide behind robotic "good manners" and social ethics to avoid being honest, revealing who you really are.

You despise anyone who shows you the hidden parts of yourself and speaks to in a way you would never accept as your own.

Your angels and false gods, your greedy prayers and self-hatred make you vulnerable but "loved" by your kind.

June 20, 2013

The "chosen few"

It is happening!

We are coming together; people from everywhere, from all over, who we did not know before this time. Those who we thought belonged to the same “circle” or like-minded thinking as us, are slowly disappearing, to give their place to the chosen ones who can join and participate in the new cosmic beat.

As we are unifying ourselves within, so we are connecting to one another, on a global scale.

We are to form communities, centers of unimaginable new creations; vibrating energy of knowledge and wisdom, embracing all and everything that can vibrate to like frequencies, within their own individuated uniqueness. We are beginning to contribute to each others’ purpose and calling, merging the many pieces of the One Picture, now starting to come into manifestation, as we grow, willingly extending ourselves beyond any former boundaries that we carefully formulated so that we would accomplish the unity and harmony within us.

The “Fall of Man”

Everyone speaks of a “Fall of Man”, which I cannot believe to be true, because I know it is not. Still stuck in the dual categorization of our educated minds, we strive to understand all that our mislead hearts cannot receive.

Every concept based on the “Fall” and all connecting concepts (“free will”, “salvation”, “awakening” etc.) are lies pointing to the Truth, which can be found only in one’s Heart and freed Mind.

To believe one or the other belief is easy and safe. Changing belief structures, thinking that we are expanding our consciousness is to remain ignorant of our own Unique Individuated existence within the cosmos.

June 18, 2013

A Unique Relationship

All we truly need is a sincere, intimate, direct relationship with our own Self. 

All answers, solutions to our problems and knowledge that we need, can be found there in abundance, given with gentleness and love, each moment. If we would just listen, if we would just pay attention!

The way of communication of the ego-mind is very different, more aggressive and louder than our Self’s offerings. 

We have learned to listen to our ego-mind thinking that we know and that we are in control. That is how we get lost and ultimately come before dead-ends, obstacles and problems that we do not know how to solve or get past.