June 20, 2013

The “Fall of Man”

Everyone speaks of a “Fall of Man”, which I cannot believe to be true, because I know it is not. Still stuck in the dual categorization of our educated minds, we strive to understand all that our mislead hearts cannot receive.

Every concept based on the “Fall” and all connecting concepts (“free will”, “salvation”, “awakening” etc.) are lies pointing to the Truth, which can be found only in one’s Heart and freed Mind.

To believe one or the other belief is easy and safe. Changing belief structures, thinking that we are expanding our consciousness is to remain ignorant of our own Unique Individuated existence within the cosmos.

The Path is a “lonely”, personal path. It cannot be any other way, whether we believe it or not, whether we like it or not. At the “end” of that personal, wholistic (involving the total sum of our existences) path, lies the “beginning” of our joined, collective creations, with those who find themselves vibrating on the same level of expanded consciousness.

Yet everything has been manipulated, over-turned, distorted SO THAT we would extend our self, “go where no man has gone before” and offer our unique, valuable findings to our Spirit.Most people refer to the “Soul”, not mentioning the Spirit, completely misunderstanding both. Yet we were not meant to become academics or PhD owners to understand the substance and meaning of our existence, nor realize the laws of the universe and creation. What we were/are meant to do is pierce reality and our own participation within it. The “secret code” (which has never been secret) lies right in front of us, through realizing the symbolism, synthesizing all that seem opposing and separated from each other. In that, we see beyond appearances, know the magnificent wholeness of our individuated existences, which add up to the brilliance – the almost inconceivable wonder – of Eternal Spiritual Existence.

There has never been a “Fall”, which is difficult to comprehend. There has been Will, Desire, Expansion – Contraction, concepts that still fall into duality-based categorizations, as long as our level of consciousness remains dense and arrogantly (fearfully) limited.

Yet all knowledge is “hidden” within our very own personal lives, which is evident but “veiled” to blind eyes. When we humbly and confidently start “cracking the code” of our life, we begin to open our hearts and minds, allowing wisdom to accompany knowledge and overflow our being with abundant wealth and opportunities. Everything we need to know is given to us, everything we need to accomplish (or not) is within our Spirit’s guidance and Will. The Soul is never detached from Spirit, nor “lost”. The “further” away it travels, the greater the offering to the Spirit – Self.

But, that which we do not yet know in our hearts, we cannot imagine. That which we cannot imagine (see in our mind’s eye) cannot be manifested into our dimension of reality.

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