June 18, 2013

A Unique Relationship

All we truly need is a sincere, intimate, direct relationship with our own Self. 

All answers, solutions to our problems and knowledge that we need, can be found there in abundance, given with gentleness and love, each moment. If we would just listen, if we would just pay attention!

The way of communication of the ego-mind is very different, more aggressive and louder than our Self’s offerings. 

We have learned to listen to our ego-mind thinking that we know and that we are in control. That is how we get lost and ultimately come before dead-ends, obstacles and problems that we do not know how to solve or get past.

The way of the Self is a totally different communication altogether. Nothing can be compared. That which initially forbids it is the guilt and unworthiness we feel, which we think is the truth. Firstly, religion and then other belief systems too, have made sure that we would seek the guidance and prestige of others instead of going straight at the Source of our own Being. Even if we attempt to do this, as a mental concept or on an intellectual level, the belief of unworthiness has taken form in our psyche, one that no mental affirmation can dissolve.

Then too, our whole thinking patterns as well as our lives have been wired in such a way that we will remain busy worrying, fighting, trying to control, justifying, seeking beyond our Self, so that we would not have the time, the faith or the patience to reverse all this and go within. The ego-mind has manipulated our judgment and power of distinction so much, that we can no longer tell truth from lies, real from false, temptation or need from love.

Through all this, our Higher Self’s calling remains patient, loving, guiding and steering our path, even as we do not recognize this. There IS nowhere else to go, nothing else to do, nothing else to be, than totally aligned to our highest aspect, our highest Truth.

The ego-mind will NOT surrender of its own will. Posing as protector and truthful companion, it will persuade us time and again that we are safe following its guidance and knowledge of the past, projecting into the future. No one ever stands boldly in front of the powerful ego-mind, simply taking back the power he/she has given it by under-estimating its intelligence, its ways of manipulation and its ability to transform to that which we each think we need.

Through it all our Higher Self remains constantly present, always in service to Us, as we serve the same essence of our Being; learning, growing, experimenting and ultimately evolving.

The way of the manipulative ego-mind is a temporary road of thorns, surface gratification and short-lived successes. Having grown weary of all this, we begin to seek deeper meaning, through the power of distinction, to satisfy the deep yearning for Holy Union, which is imprinted in the core of our Being. Like ignorant children, we carelessly begin to fight that which we love and want.

When we stop fighting and begin to listen, learn to observe and living from our heart’s desires, we begin our real journey of “returning home” and start acquiring and appreciating the skill of conscious co-creation, in alignment to our own True Self.

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