August 24, 2015

Learning to trust

People are always talking about “inner guidance” and “trust” and all those wonderful things. But in many cases, these seem generalized concepts or repetitive words that have very little meaning or remain distant to our everyday lives.

Only by mastering through experience can we be truthful and helpful to others, through our own daily choices and way of living. 

Fully trusting our own inner guidance, not belief systems (they are totally different in essence and vibrations), is to acquire a whole different set of thinking. It has nothing to do with our usual thought patters which are linear, based on reason and surface knowledge.

August 12, 2015

The price of freedom

The truth is that the system (legal, financial, social...) can suck me, break me, destroy me at any moment it pleases... my ID or whatever it names as "me", that is!

But realizing that it is a system of fear, ignorance, cowardliness and myths, makes it all worthwhile, even if I stand alone.

In the land of the ego, "standing alone" is also interpreted, used and projected for self-importance, identity projection and personal gain. Each conclusion, that self-doubt comes to, makes me smile with understanding. I've been there...

August 11, 2015

The burden of choice

People often ask me why it takes so long to deprogram, to free the mind of the need of programming. It doesn’t! As with everything else, the concept is reversed.

We always seem to place the subject (ourselves) outside our thinking mode. This too is part of the programming. We imagine the problems to be outside and beyond our own self, whom we see as powerless, small and insignificant.

August 7, 2015

Fluidity...everything flows

Lately it's becoming "difficult" to write. Although many topics and so much information enters my mind and reality, none are forming into words, into articles.

The reason things seem static around us, not moving either fast enough or according to our desires, the reason thy don't become visible/detectable is because they haven't become whole yet. We fail to see the workings of movement beyond our expectations, fixed ideas or the details the left brain/mind is used to bypassing. Many students eagerly ask me, "when will I/things change?" and I need to point out the changes that they have missed, the shifts that their mind has missed.