July 30, 2013

On forgiveness

There can be no guilt…

There has never been an accusation; there is never a reason for forgiveness. Only the ego accuses and in its cowardice and ignorance to do so, it then feels powerful and courageous to arrogantly forgive.

But the spirit knows no need for forgiveness, for there has never been an accusation.

That is the outline. 

But I know that your belief structures, the way we have been brought up to think, all the garbage that most us still carry out within us, forbids you to just believe or simply discard that which you already think you know. Fair enough, and good enough too, because you should believe no one and nothing before you know for yourself. “Knowing” is of course very different from believing… it comes from your own personal experience, when you are ready to see, and not a second before.

July 29, 2013

The face of death

It’s inevitable… and the face of death is harsh… don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Everyone wants to talk only of life and pretend that death doesn't exist. A big taboo that is still feared and avoided. But death exists on this plane of existence, where we are called to realize not only our spirituality but also our humanity! It’s the other side of birth, which includes and does not reject life.

Each time we lose someone we love, a part of us dies, as a part of us is reborn with each birth or beginning. The pain is as strong as the connection you had, the bond that made the relationship come alive; the love that makes this final departure painful.

You mourn. You have to mourn. Not for the life lost for life is never-ending and never lost. You mourn for your loss, for your inadequacy to intervene, to prolong, to change the unchangeable. Peculiar as it may sound, you mourn for the good times too; the sharing, the laughter and the vivid memories that flash through your mind and heart. You mourn in gratitude and respect for the gift of experience, the unmistakable, irreplaceable opportunity of temporary giving and exchanging of emotions, coming together and connecting beyond form.

July 24, 2013

Working for a paycheck or seeking your passion?

I understand that this is a difficult subject and one that cannot be taken lightly. All of us, from a very early age, are guided towards “thinking about our future”, deciding, “what we want to become when we grow up”, finding the job that will ensure our survival and hopefully, finding the “secret formula” for attaining great wealth.

Most of us end up either struggling between jobs, doing something that we are not sure is our life’s passion or succeeding yet feeling that “there was something else that we were supposed to be doing”, despite the fact that we have accomplished financial and social security.

If I were to tell you - like many others do – to search for your passion and not think about the money because “money comes to you when you follow your dreams”, I would be one more “easy preacher” with an ego agenda, searching for followers, being totally unrealistic! In fact, you are not going to receive any advice or any easy answers from this article.

I am rather going to take straight out of the box, and tell you things that your linear mind cannot capture and which have never been synthesized before. So, fasten your seatbelts, for we are going to travel high and wide for a while.

July 23, 2013

A few difficult questions

I would like to present you with a few probable subjects that we could discuss in future, in the form of articles that I could (or I will) write about.

As I would like this blog to be more inter-active and not a solo act, the following are many of the questions that have troubled me in the past, subjects that I realize need clarifying and issues that we have yet to solve on a collective level.

Feel free to comment on anything, to add your own thoughts or subjects of interest and especially think WITH yourselves, on these questions and/or subjects.

I am a very practical person and not into any theorizing at all. My interest is not merely to exchange beliefs and/or viewpoints but to make real changes in our perceptions and our lives. I hope you will join me in this venture, for as long as I can be here and share with you what I have learned so far and still learning, each moment.

In random order and in simple language:

July 22, 2013

On becoming wiser…

My little girl has asked me a couple of times, “mommy, what do you want to be when you grow up?” I had a hard time answering and I still haven’t given her a straight answer… until now, when everything is coming together inside me. 

Initially I watched the discomfort in me as she asked while my mind was trying desperately to find logic in her question. WHEN I grow up? I’m already “grown up”! My gosh, I’m nearly 50! I've already decided what I want to do… TO DO… the mind interprets “what do you want to BE” as “what do you want to DO”. 

So, the ego (which is based on the mind) assumes in great discomfort, “haven’t I already done enough, aren't I doing enough?” But even after realizing all this, the answer still eluded me. I have learned not to take ANY of my daughter’s questions lightly…

July 21, 2013

The hypocrisy of fighting addictions

Or… Why we cannot stop addictions

Whenever I start writing, I feel a real challenge to put every insight and every image that is in my mind on paper. And every time I realize that this is not possible. There are so many perceptions to a specific subject that it is impossible to verbally express them all, especially in a single article. For that reason, this, and all other articles on the blog serve only as triggers to get the surface mind to think differently and help us out of our comfort zones.

Addictions are a huge subject and I can only touch it generally, whereas each person has to do the work for him/herself, on their specific addiction(s). The definition of an addiction, stated plainly, is that action is mechanical, unconscious, not realized. We feel that the repetitive action dominates us and we seem powerless to change it or stop it.

Addictions come in all forms and in all areas of life. The list is endless, although according to society, the most obvious forms of addictions are what we can see and realize on the surface of our being; smoking, alcohol or food consumption, drugs (including prescription pills), nail biting, etc. But there are many others, less recognized and more powerful addictions; clinging on to others, playing the victim, being greedy in our needs, being socially overactive, wanting to save the “less fortunate”, over-spending, being a workaholic, a technology freak, etc.

July 16, 2013

How do we face Silence?

When there is silence on the outside, in your communications and relationships, it is time to accept and expand within.

Silence is misinterpreted by the ego. Wanting to know, it will draw its own conclusions, which are always limiting, no matter what they speak about.

When presented with silence, it is time to focus on the inside, on your own Self and release any inflicted “silences”, any disconnections. It is time to recognize beliefs and fears specifically and accept them, for they are a part of who you are. It is the way that you may once again embrace all, through Your knowing and your acceptance.

July 14, 2013

Empower instead of disheartening yourself

The problem is that you expect to see in order to believe. On the other side of polarity, is to believe expecting to see. Both states of consciousness derive from and are based on lack. Neither believing nor not believing matter!

As far as belief goes, what it does, is it attracts more “sides” to a belief that you are not seeing, so that you may become more self aware. We are educated to think that "a belief is a belief", which is an oversimplified concept and therefore a distortion of truth. Beliefs have many levels of registry within us, as they also have many sides to them, the most obvious being their opposite. Not knowing this, we get stuck on trying to change or get rid of a belief, which cannot be done.

To become self aware is to be consciously present. But it is still not a place of knowledge, of self-empowerment.

The place of knowledge is an altered state of awareness. What does that mean? It means being able to integrate the “opposites”. Being fully and totally in balance – for extended periods of time. Some indicators are:

July 13, 2013

Autism: talking about right brain thinking

Autism, Asperger's, AD(H)D or Dyslexia? It's time we took a look at these "inabilities" in a whole new light!

We tend to look at people searching for the negative first, based on our past education. The ego wants to establish its "place", comparing itself with others. "How are they different from me?" And then we go into categorizations and statements about what is "normal" and what is not, basically to secure our own self-worth...

What if we decided initially that the IS NO "normal" and that each person has something unique and extraordinary to offer to the world and us?

Meet Temple Grandin; an amazing woman in her own right:

“Who do you think made the first stone spears? The Asperger guy. If you were to get rid of all the autism genetics, there would be no more Silicon Valley.”

July 7, 2013

Unschooling; not as unknown a concept as we're led to believe

Unschooling means you don't "have to" do anything. You just follow your heart. Then each day becomes a whole new experience, everything you do matters and you exist in cooperation with life.

Learning is about discovering life through yourself and your environment. It is not about being programmed how and what to think, do or be.

Learning cannot be separated from fun, experiment, error and experience.

There is no “normal” or fixed pace to learning. Each must follow their own rhythm.

Learning is closely related to freedom as each individual takes steps into the unknown.