July 14, 2013

Empower instead of disheartening yourself

The problem is that you expect to see in order to believe. On the other side of polarity, is to believe expecting to see. Both states of consciousness derive from and are based on lack. Neither believing nor not believing matter!

As far as belief goes, what it does, is it attracts more “sides” to a belief that you are not seeing, so that you may become more self aware. We are educated to think that "a belief is a belief", which is an oversimplified concept and therefore a distortion of truth. Beliefs have many levels of registry within us, as they also have many sides to them, the most obvious being their opposite. Not knowing this, we get stuck on trying to change or get rid of a belief, which cannot be done.

To become self aware is to be consciously present. But it is still not a place of knowledge, of self-empowerment.

The place of knowledge is an altered state of awareness. What does that mean? It means being able to integrate the “opposites”. Being fully and totally in balance – for extended periods of time. Some indicators are:

Existing simultaneously in the present, past and future. The past and the future make up the present.

Focusing on the linear, “close-up” now as well as on the all-direction, “distant” future at the same time. Time is only a means to describe space and state of consciousness.

Draw on your experience and at the same time allow insight and intuition to take over.

Pay attention to your emotions as they arise, respecting and accepting them and also rise above and beyond all known human limitations and temporary realities.

By all means, dare to explore ideas, knowing that there are always more from where they came from. Sometimes all you’re meant to do is “explore” them in your head, playing out different realities, as if they were real.

Know and respect appearances, giving them your honest presence, knowing – totally realizing – that they are just that: appearances; there are others.

Faith; it is another word for knowing. It is not belief, it is not wishful thinking, it is not hope, it is not a “future acquisition” nor is it based on future manifestation. It is not following someone or something (an idea, a teaching etc.). It is knowing, no matter what: d
espite appearances, in spite of what you can or cannot do, it is not dependent on time, it is not relative to anything limiting or any physics laws.

Faith is the untouchable, unmovable, un-leakable sense of knowing, withstands any temptation to shake it, it is not open to doubt. It is the all-powerful, all-accepting, all-connecting power of Self Will, which can come only from higher (more expanded) states of awareness, way beyond the ego’s agenda.

It goes without saying that you need both brain hemispheres to accomplish this altered state of awareness. It is also obvious that we are not taught how to accomplish this through our formal schooling nor from anywhere else in society, throughout our growing up . It is something you have to learn, work at and achieve for yourself, sharing it with others, through your experience.

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