July 30, 2013

On forgiveness

There can be no guilt…

There has never been an accusation; there is never a reason for forgiveness. Only the ego accuses and in its cowardice and ignorance to do so, it then feels powerful and courageous to arrogantly forgive.

But the spirit knows no need for forgiveness, for there has never been an accusation.

That is the outline. 

But I know that your belief structures, the way we have been brought up to think, all the garbage that most us still carry out within us, forbids you to just believe or simply discard that which you already think you know. Fair enough, and good enough too, because you should believe no one and nothing before you know for yourself. “Knowing” is of course very different from believing… it comes from your own personal experience, when you are ready to see, and not a second before.

This is a very important subject, if not THE most important, because we have all been conditioned to carry around a lot of guilt inside us. My intention is to go to great lengths and explanations, examples, in-depth thinking, with the people who are committing to the Circle; it cannot be any other way. But here, in the article, I’ll provide some “food for thought”, for the more skeptical and for those who have never thought of doubting such “profound” and “ancient old teachings”.

You must understand that everything is true and everything is right, on the level of consciousness that it is given and by the level of consciousness, that understands it. But now, we are ready to elevate our consciousness and dissolve long-standing illusions which have kept us into captivity for eons of time.

Judgment is at the root of our programming. It is both unbelievable and amazing that most teachings and practices seem to be going round it or else they strengthen it, continuing this and many other illusions tied to this core issue.

Focused on “doing”, this is entirely the ego’s playground. Not only are most people not willing to see the deception that keeps them strongly bound to their ego, but they go on to convince themselves that “there are just things and some people that they cannot forgive”. If you do and you don’t, it is all the ego’s doing!

In order to forgive, you have had to first judge and condemn based on a limited, duality concept of “right and wrong”. It does not matter if that “right or wrong” concept and virtual reality is your own or if you share it with a million other people or even with the whole world. It is still a limiting, duality concept based on short-sighted perception of your Self.

The other side of polarity; forgiving everyone and everything is equally as self-deceiving (but admittedly a more attractive one), which is currently at a peak in world views and intellectual spirituality. You are equally being misguided and equally trapped.

Your linear, analytic, surface ego-mind cannot of course understand any of this, and wants to go on to defend its own viewpoints, “proving me wrong”. But unless you learn to detach yourself from your identity and doubt your ego-mind without doubting yourself, you can never go past agreeing or disagreeing, remaining right where you are; no matter where that is!

For that reason, going into a deeper understanding of the subject of forgiveness, involves your expanded mind, which will help you open up to a whole new universe of awareness, understanding beyond the structures of form and physicality. Yes, you need both minds to exist. But unless they are recognized, used productively and consciously and balanced in an equal partnership of mutual creation, you will remain confused, jumping from one belief to another, doubting yourself, following each person who seems to have “the truth” that you “don't have”.

This is just the beginning… something to think about, test within yourselves and notice in your everyday lives. Before this, no amount of articles will provide knowledge, just information that you can overlook or research more, in your own time.

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