August 3, 2013

For courageous hearts and daring minds

 The ego is afraid of the silence more than anything. The emptiness, the loss of or non existence of fixed images or stable emotions. The fluidity of everything that holds nothing concrete and stable. The cataclysmic realization of not knowingness, which threatens its very existence. 

If you are a trained observer, you realize the discomfort, the need to escape the inevitable. You know that there is nothing that you can DO but ride through the reality emerging in your life’s cycle. It’s a lot more evident than anything you have experienced before. There are no images coming and going, no emotions shaping your psyche. There is just you floating, moving, yet seemingly stuck and nowhere. Only those who have dared the experience can recognize the words and the reality behind them.

It is a very important stage for your consciousness, one that the ego will fight to escape from, with every trick it has learned, following your previous tactics, which you have used to strengthen it.

The silence and the emptiness hurt. You NEED to know! You NEED to get out. Many times, you will, returning to the comfort of that which proves your physical existence and identity. But once, just once, you dare to hold on, to remain, and to go through the tunnel of darkness, without knowing if there ever is a light, if there is “another side”. Not many will tell you this, even less false prophets will prepare you for this. Most are not willing to talk about anything which might threaten their own ego agenda and their acquired image. Yet there isn't another road to take, a different turning, which will save you from the inevitable, if what you want is the freedom from your matrix mind.

It has to be a burning desire coming from deep inside you. It has to be your one and only purpose, above all else and anything else that you want. And this is your test ground. This is your greatest challenge; to face your own matrix mind.

The agony is tormenting, time loses its significance and truth. You're sinking, disappearing into nothingness. No theories, previous knowledge, guidelines can save you. But no one will speak to you of this. You are alone, lost and non-existent. No one can “pull you out” of the reality of your own mind.

But you need to hang in here. You need to face the walls and be brave, not knowing, not having any other alternatives but to contract. Your very thoughts, those that you can grasp, terrify you. You are capable of creating the most horrific realities that seem real, not virtual realities, as you have been foolishly told. When you feel and think that you can contract no more, you will discover to your horror that you can… that the force pushing you into nothingness, is mightier than you ever thought.

You want to fiercely smash the walls and everything that surrounds you, which you cannot even grasp, and escape. You want to scream, die, fight, evaporate, but you're still here; searching, trying, fighting… until you give up.

But time is becoming your enemy. Never before has time stood so still as it is standing now. You lose touch with linear time altogether. The world is turning without you. You are floating “out”, where? No where…

You need to remain conscious, you need to remain an observer, remain awake. Experience every agonizing moment of ignorance and non existence, of losing your very sanity… Watch the matrix mind try effortlessly to find a solution, an escape route, something concrete to believe in again, to exist again in virtual reality; the only reality you knew existed. It cannot!

Images, experiences, phases, goals and needs come and go… where have they all gone? What does it all mean? Who are you? Nothing, nowhere, you don’t exist…

You feel exhausted, even though you have done nothing. All knowledge shatters in one single second of the moment. You have nothing. Nothing to believe in, nothing to fight for, nothing to care for or do. The ego finally surrenders, you let go…

The moment of allowance, of facing your worst phobia, of losing all you ever thought you had gained has arrived…

Then, words cannot describe the coexistence of two opposing realities at once. It is an experience for the most courageous and prepared.

When you submit, the moment that the ego surrenders fully and totally, you realize that you are being lifted, you are not alone, you never were… only you couldn't have Seen it. 

But you are not there yet… and the false prophets have given you information for only half the truth; that which you want to hear because you are not yet ready to face your worst fear/phobia... the only opportunity to be free...

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