August 11, 2013

The real power within you

Intent is the power of the universe. 
It is the force that creates and destroys worlds. 
It is the power that sustains all.

The intention of your Self is always evident. You can ignore it or admit it, but it is who you are.

We need to re-educate ourselves to observe, to be in touch with our own self and realize the hidden truth behind our surface mind's lies.

Becoming who we really are is our greatest challenge, because we have always been who we are, so we are unlikely to realize what that is!

We have been educated to think small; we have been trained to be small. But that's our programming, our conditioning, not who we are.

How can your intention differ from the intention of your Higher Self? How can you BE anything else BUT your Self? The personality always serves the Self, no matter what the installed program thinks. But we are trained to be victims, to depend on something greater than ourselves, to doubt what we want and who we are. 

We are trained to believe that our ego, our personality is "at war" with our Higher Self. We begin to hide, to strive to be, to tell ourselves stories that we believe... all that takes us further and further away from the simple truth that we already ARE who we are meant to be, but don't know it.

Each moment, in whatever you choose to do, you are ON purpose, you are serving your Self. You are not trained to know this, since you are always looking for something else, something more, something “more worthwhile and greater” to “do”. You are trained to judge yourself by your actions, their apparent results and so on and so forth… all that keeps you from tuning in and connecting with your own inner guidance, your own inner wisdom.

As long as dual, linear thinking is your only available thought process, there is no escape from ignorance, lack, misery and seeming disconnection. Your mind will continue to categorize good and bad, right and wrong, splitting your self and your world as you go along.

You are always “on course”. You are always aligned with your Higher Self. There is no other way to exist, there is nothing else to do, there is nothing else that can be done! You are an extension of your Self, expressing as a unique aspect of the totality of You, which is evident in the details of your day to day, moment by moment, thought by thought existence.

That’s a tough one to take in! Unless you have experienced this truth, the theory is more likely to sound weird or not understood at all. 

It cannot be experienced or known, unless you de-school yourself, unless you de-learn all that you have learned and train again to observe that which is real and substantial to your expanded perception.

When that magical, transformational moment comes that you awaken to this reality, when you KNOW this to be so, all previous knowledge becomes obsolete. You realize that there is nothing that you need to carry with you. Everything that you know, everything that you need, everything that you are, is already residing within you. You become free and you become lighter, free from weight and transparent to express the uniqueness of YOU.

That’s when real humor and lightness begin. You realize that all you have been trying to achieve, all you have been striving to be, is already here; you just need to express it. This is the ONLY purpose of life. You contribute to your Self's evolution. You are connected to everything and everyone, which all theory makes nearly impossible to perceive.

Your challenge (and also your testing ground) is allowing others to do the same. To take everything at “face value” because we are all expressing that which we are, each moment of every day.

Your wisdom arises in the moment, it is not "acquired knowledge" that you carry around with you. Being willing to shift your perception, you uncover the truths, which seemed hidden before but never were. You realize that now! You look for answers deep within yourself, as you dare to express, that which you know each moment.

You and your Self are one. You have been trained to think you are separate and distant. That is an imaginary reality you have believed to be the truth. It cannot happen.

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