September 6, 2013

I Have a Vision!

I’m one of those people who came into this world without really belonging to it, without being able to be consumed by it. Yes, to the eyes of the structured, organized, analytic mind, the word is “weird”! 

Even the day today is weird, as I was born on a Friday, 50 years ago today, which my simple mind tells me that it cannot be. Friday should have come round on my 49th birthday instead of on my 50th. I take it as positive sign for my new rebirth, once again in this world. And on this day, I can be as “weird” as I like!

Being connected and in tune with my Self, has its virtues, its responsibilities and also its fun side. I want to change everything! Being who I Am for at least the last decade of my life, change concerns this world and not my Self or my personal life, which is harmonious, fulfilling and surprisingly creative.

The thing about having Inner Sight is that the holograms and virtual realities become so plainly evident that I can no longer lose my energy or give away bits and pieces of myself to whatever is fake or lie. Surprisingly, this scares a lot of people who are not yet ready to open their minds. But, let me get to my vision...

I want to learn and work with the experts. Who are they? They are the people who have accepted who they are, who are confident enough to stand up and talk about their unique experiences, talents, passions, free from theory, guilt, and false pretenses. I want to gather all “weird” people who have something unique to offer to this world.

I want to completely denounce conventional education, medicine, politics, and every structure that has slowly but surely brought this world - especially Western societies – to this drastic imbalance, lack and misery, despite appearances and surface well-being or material abundance.

I want to gather those who are courageous enough, strong enough, crazy enough to offer all that they have learned, earned from experience, in order to share, while being willing to connect and expand likewise.

Who are the experts?

· All the right brained people who have realized that what they have and who they are is something worth cultivating, learning from, sharing… Dyslexia, ADHD, Autism, Asperger’s and other “syndromes” that the system has named, trying helplessly to cure, face, change, treat. They are the experts! All those who have refused to buy into the “incapability”, negative or limited perception of who they are. They are the leaders of tomorrow!

· Those who have cured themselves without conventional medicine or any known and accepted method. The ones who have studied themselves, their bodies, the illness so well that they themselves have become their own experts, above all else.

· Those who have lost themselves in some addiction or other (drugs, alcohol, anorexia nervosa, suicidal attempts, etc.) and can confidently talk about their reality, their experiences, without guilt, feelings of self-rejection that the system implants in our minds. They are the experts and only they can shed light on these experienced realities. It takes courage to “lose yourself”, it takes strength to go against the system in whichever way and be rejected by society.

· Those who have thrown away their diplomas, their years of training, their titles to follow their heart and cultivate as well as experience their passion. Each one of them has an amazing story to tell and loads of information and experiences to share. They are the dreamers, the creators, the self-taught experts.

In short, I want to learn from, work with, be around people who have in some way denounced the existing system, who are not afraid of challenge, who do not turn away from real conversation and authentic sharing. I want to teach those who are willing to teach. I want to help those who are eager to help. I want to co-create with those who have created or are willing to create themselves anew, with each new challenge and experience of life.

I want to completely change the face of communication, completely throwing out guilt, comparison, categorization and labeling. I want to shed light on truth as each one of us lets go of the need to hide our truth, to “dress” who we really are. I want to let our imagine loose, dream big, laugh out loud, and dare to bring out our unique, uncompromising nature.

I have a vision! Words might not be able to fully describe it, but I know that once my Mind has captured the images, the realities, the essence and the emotions, it’s only a matter of time…

Photo by Manos Photiou

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