December 10, 2016

The Forgiveness Hoax/Code

Little words made to seem big... "I'm sorry", "please forgive me"...

Virtual realities that you can see when you enter the world of coding the matrix/consciousness or the "dream worlds".

All lies...not "lies" as we perceive the meaning but made-believe worlds of experiences that we enter at will, whether consciously or (usually) unconsciously. 

September 19, 2016

On Reacting

The way you react, answer to someone, talk about something that you did or didn't do when confronted, especially when confronted by someone you care about or are afraid of on some level, shows what you REALLY believe, who  you REALLY are!

Reactions reveal quite plainly who we really are, thinking we are someone else, somewhere else than where we truly are!

No matter what analysis you reach with your surface, thinking mind, what promises you make to yourself or others, what understanding you think you've reached, the way you carry yourself about and interact with the world, will always show who you really are.

August 19, 2016

Follow your heart?

The ego is totally by-passed in decisions of the Spirit. 

When these “meetings” occur, whether with another person or with an important decision in life, which are quite rare, it’s the Spirit “walking in”, giving no choice to the ego.

That’s why, later on, it (the ego) can’t remember the specifics, it can’t “use” memory, it can’t break down and analyze. It’s a relationship/decision that transcends both heart and mind. You find yourself already "in it", before the linear mind has any chance of realizing it is so.

July 17, 2016

The Teachers...

A teacher cannot have many students. The ones that do, are false teachers....equally needed until you find your own, in your world.

For these teachers, each student is unique; a whole different world that deserves attention, respect and careful (devoted) guidance.

Teaching is not taught. It is cultivated within, often needing more than a lifespan of learning, researching, serving as a dedicated learner, which he/she always is.

July 2, 2016

A "utopic" Union

To persevere, to hang in there, to push on and trust…for how long, till when?

The temporal self is too impatient and too easily diverted towards more tempting paths. But some of us are not side-tracked as easily…

You take a wrong turning here and there, which all aids to your whole experience. But you fast-track back to your own path.

Something unexplainable (for a long time...all your life) speaks to you within and won’t let you wander off or get lost. You could always sense it, even if you didn’t have a name for it, a description.

June 27, 2016

The paradox of truth

What a merry-go-round!
Most of what goes on in life, beyond the surface reality, goes unnoticed by many people. And there's nothing wrong with that! It's the way we've chosen it to be, for our individual paths and evolution. Realization and non-realization both have their challenges.... different ones but nevertheless existing.

You can find keys to all the answers of all the questions that you might have. As long as you reach the stage of making the inquiry in the first place and even restating the question differently. Then, you wait to receive the answer, coming always from your Self, which is true, liberating and expanding. It's a learned process; one that society and our former education will fight to prevent...

June 5, 2016

The two as one

A natural union; neither of them remember the precise beginning. They don't have to.

He stands humble but bold allowing her to move as she desires.

They already know. They don't have to think.

She holds the newborn reality in her womb. He placed the seed in her heart and stands back as she expresses herself innocently.

She knows that the time has come. She gracefully moves to the new rhythm, knowing when to push and when not to. He supports and provides security in the environment, each step of the way.

May 14, 2016

A non-existent enemy

Sometimes life seems to scare us, when a possibility of reality knocks on our door that we think we didn’t ask for or is too painful/scary to imagine.

Spending time mentally negotiating with life is entirely pointless, although it seems the logical thing to do. But it is entirely illogical….it is only habitual…

I see my differentiated presence/action, where once, in a time that seems long ago, there was unconscious reaction…

Presented with an upcoming, almost certain probability, I see fear making its presence. A very different “fear” than society’s specifications of it, and all that I have been taught to believe about it, in my younger years.

February 22, 2016

Subliminal thinking

Discovering or rather uncovering the subliminal programs is not an end but a necessity for the continuation of our journey. There can be no individual responsibility before this, no mind opening realizations, no spiritual evolution, no freedom without it.

In our subliminal thinking lie all the explanations, not the answers that we seek. Answers are always found spontaneously, effortlessly, in the synthesis of the moment's information. Explanations extend through patters and layers of coding, which reveal our individual and collective dreams.

January 1, 2016

Falling in Love

Few of us know or are prepared for falling in love. We don't realize what it means, we don't decode symbols, we can't see beyond the linear surface of our lives. And so, we easily fall out of love!

The greatest force of the universe is in front of our eyes, in everything that surrounds us, all that we are, and yet, it remains unnoticed, as we continue to focus on all that we think we seek, avoiding to get consumed by love. But, all that we seek and find outside of this, is always less, unfulfilling and small. For nothing can compare, match or surpass the state of being in love.

We are correct in being afraid of it... and so it must be as we become worthy, strong and transparent!

We have a romantic, utopic idea of "being in love"; the union, the merging of worlds. But the more esoteric, wholistic this union is, the bigger/wider/deeper the effect, the sensation and the stirring without, in all directions, seen and unseen.