February 22, 2016

Subliminal thinking

Discovering or rather uncovering the subliminal programs is not an end but a necessity for the continuation of our journey. There can be no individual responsibility before this, no mind opening realizations, no spiritual evolution, no freedom without it.

In our subliminal thinking lie all the explanations, not the answers that we seek. Answers are always found spontaneously, effortlessly, in the synthesis of the moment's information. Explanations extend through patters and layers of coding, which reveal our individual and collective dreams.

Most people are not even aware of their subliminal thinking, which always exists; non-detectable by the surface linear mind. Those who dare become acquainted with the process are always amazed by the continuous, non-stop activity, "right under their nose", which they were totally unaware of, no matter what else they studied or achieved.

Another misconception is that the internal dialogue is "bad for us" and must be stopped or that it represents the mass conditioning that "we have been fed" by our parents or our suppressors. None of this is true...But it takes the willingness, the guidance and also the courage to find all this out through experience (not belief) and release our false assumptions about our self, our mind, the world and creation.

It's the path that connects you with your soul, to an understanding of time/space creation, of will, intent, desire, need and so much more that falls into place. It's the way to understanding the human experience, the cycles and beyond them. For the deeper you are willing to go, the farther you can extend your mind.

It's the knowledge that rewrites history, in a way it has never been presented or taught. It's the key that  releases guilt, bitterness, accusation, unveiling masks and easily presenting our truths that we have been subconsciously hiding from ourselves .

It is not a journey for the meek but the courageous. There are traps along the way and make-believe visions and interpretations that hide their true face.

But the rewards are beyond anything that we have experienced before. It's an effortless experiential discovering of Eros, connection, the power of synthesis, "making love", of co-creation. It is the release of self-bondage, the removal of the lid that pressurized and constricted the spirit, through unawareness and ignorance.

Spirit and soul unite after eons of losing, searching and being apart of one another (only in our created dreams and illusions, which nevertheless we fully and totally experience as real), lifting and (re)creating the conscious Ego/Self; responsible, humble, unbound by the illusions that the eyes can now see.

Subliminal programs are the defining power and also weakness of every individual, every culture, group and civilization, creating both its peak and its fall. Both ends assumed as static but are far from it.With the same arrogance and ignorance, the cycles remain...

Life belongs to the courageous.

Love is realized by the liberated.

Xristiana Sophia


  1. The bridge to our emanation, or the connection between the visible and the invisible, the feminine side and the masculine side of the Creator? Depends until where you intend to reach, but for sure is the beginning of the journey...
    just start breathing!

  2. The beginning? For most "the journey" doesn't even begin, while they remain "on the outside" discussing it.
    "Just start breathing"...another subliminal program (?)

  3. Discussing or not, real Journeys are for those who really want them. I delete a program, two grows behind it, never give up, erase and rewrite...

  4. We don't "delete programs"...
    It's not easy to understand why knowledge has always been hidden and still is; available only to the initiated.

  5. You maybe right, I'm not an initiate, just a disciple, and on my level if I want to quit smoking delete simultaneously the corresponding program to achieve that...


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