January 1, 2016

Falling in Love

Few of us know or are prepared for falling in love. We don't realize what it means, we don't decode symbols, we can't see beyond the linear surface of our lives. And so, we easily fall out of love!

The greatest force of the universe is in front of our eyes, in everything that surrounds us, all that we are, and yet, it remains unnoticed, as we continue to focus on all that we think we seek, avoiding to get consumed by love. But, all that we seek and find outside of this, is always less, unfulfilling and small. For nothing can compare, match or surpass the state of being in love.

We are correct in being afraid of it... and so it must be as we become worthy, strong and transparent!

We have a romantic, utopic idea of "being in love"; the union, the merging of worlds. But the more esoteric, wholistic this union is, the bigger/wider/deeper the effect, the sensation and the stirring without, in all directions, seen and unseen.

Everything is united: the fluids, the earth, the breath, the flame; the thoughts, the emotions, the vibrations, the desires, the subconscious, the phrases, the meanings, the worlds...

Everything becomes connected, yet this connection is imagined to be utopically romantic, only positive, only "heavenly", only magically beautiful. It's much more than a one-sided polarity...

If we are open, ready, willing for this cosmic event, we will experience it - worthy of it - and we will be transformed by it. It's like opening a window, each moment, to a different view of reality, which we didn't know before that which will be revealed. It's like walking in a cave, which we have no idea what is inside it, where the exit is or if it exists at all.

Courageous dives into the cosmic subconscious, to encounter all thoughts, all fears, all threatening dangers as you proceed through them. 

Deafening thunders, tornadoes, quakes, within and without you... all forces unite, asking to break all  limitations and conquer beyond belief.

Pure innocence waiting to be accepted, embraced, delivered from illusions, isolation and any separation that justifies the battle of individuality.

Immense strength and beauty that you can't turn your eyes away from, temptations hiding its opposites that you are challenged to embrace.

And each now, in each second you can become absorbed or you can metamorphosis. You can make or break. You can withdraw or expand in love. Your world is no longer your own, nor is anything kept from you. Worlds hidden from intruders, the unworthy, but totally open to you.

All that you have previously experienced brings you to this moment where you feel you don't need to control anything. So much is changing and cannot be as it was. You cannot feel comfortable in what you knew before. It's like all previous selves, events, relationships merge into one, this one. It's like everything you ever were/have been is coming together now, merging, connecting but in ways that you cannot detect or control until you allow, until you act. 

There's nothing that can compare or replace this force, which is both petrifying and beautiful. We go through stages and phases, people and strange places, always looking for the one unmistakable feeling that makes everything else seem worthwhile and real, which transcends any description, any poetic expression or academic study.

People search for logical reasons for falling out of love but there aren't any. They want to hold on to what isn't there because they are afraid of moving on, of risking to live, as life holds no securities.The moment they try to cage. limit or revive that which has flown away, they become victims, lost and lonely: dead, pretending to be alive.

A part of you feels that you are losing yourself in love, not being able to keep the balance, the reasoning, the grounding, which will keep you emotionally safe. Observing it makes it less likely for you to totally fall into the abyss of the unknown, unprotected, unguarded, provoking the forces of attraction and repulsion, pushing and pulling, connecting and isolating, peaks and lows, expanding and contracting, which threaten everything that you think you are.

Everything exists in you, all opposites, all needs and desires and they all play, as equal possibilities, in each moment's challenges.

You don't know where this falling in love will take you, you don't know where life will take you. All possibilities are totally open, in all directions, each moment. None are clear, evident, until you decide to act, to reveal yourself by connection. 

You need to Trust when you feel doubtful. There is always a reason for waiting that you have to allow to be revealed. Waiting goes against the ego's agenda, which it calls procrastination. It also names spontaneous action, thoughtlessness. You cannot win...

Relying on the linear mind to know, to act, to be, is like relying on the ship to navigate its own journey.
Yet, knowing, having a crystal clear direction, in the immediate place of Now, is not easily detected, for it is not verbal, not within your usual images, not according to the egos wishes.

It's a subtle, soft, non invading guiding system within you, beyond words, images, emotions, thoughts that you are accustomed to detecting. There is no way to understand, know or get in touch with what I am describing, unless the surface, linear mind is silenced, totally emptied, in the only time that matters; the present.

Each little "insignificant detail" forms your path, which you do not need to know beforehand, plan or map. You chose it this way. You chose to live authentically, fully, alive.... a life that matters, has value and is not disrespected.

You must be free. Love doesn't bind...It was love that brought you into this world and only love that can get you out while being in it; whole, connected, wise!

Xristiana Sophia

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