November 19, 2015

The traveler

If we don’t appreciate that which is lost, we don’t appreciate that which is coming.

Changes are fast but only if we can observe beyond the surface of the mind. The waves rise and fall, perhaps not as evident on the outside; to others. Linear reality doesn’t work that way. It works in a straight line, reaches a peak and then falls.

It’s an outward and an inward expression. It’s a reaching out and a withdrawing. It’s a pulse of the heart.

Some ideas are non-negotiable but why not? What can harm the Essence if a question is formed? What can the raptures cause except more possibilities that she wants to consider?

When waking up in the morning, you begin walking in illusion/holograms/created realities. Believing that and knowing that, are two very different states of being. Believing might lead to knowing but it more often doesn’t for it seems as Truth.

You can walk in and out of holograms that look profoundly like “reality” but seeing them, you automatically contribute to them.

The holograms are not made by “you”. You don’t possess that much power. They are made by your higher mind, of which you receive glimpses, provided you remain open enough.

Living out illusions is Your Will and your purpose. Through them, You become enlightened as you sacrifice your vision for the purpose of seeing through your higher mind’s eye. All the teachings are misinterpreted and used by (and for) the ego, for you don’t understand capitalization and the different context of words that seem the same.

Endless beliefs, states and insights give you the impression that you “have arrived”. Each self-destruction is monumental, as you find yourself in between worlds, time; in no space.

And yet, you are more stable, certain and grounded, as you are no one, than ever before.

The journey to freedom is a continuous journey of movement. As you withdraw and expand, so must you insert and contract.

The dance of opposites, as you continue, changes texture. With less movement you create more raptures. With each willful concentration, you change the course of reality. That which seems, is not. That which is unknown, becomes known.

The mind is immensely more powerful than you can humbly imagine. The more you willingly let go of your assumptions, the more you gain access to the eternal, connecting the traveler with the womb. But it's not a purpose, which you have to chase.

Nothing matters, as everything does. Every second, every thought, every reaction, every emotion creates worlds, both within and without your control. Drops in the ocean, grains of sand, rays of light, as you realize that You are the ocean, You are the sand, You are the light of your eternal life.

You are the dreamer and the dream. You are the culprit and the savior. You are the darkness and the light. But when you choose, you enter the illusion, you play out the part.

You learn when you can be all. You become wise when you surrender. You become strong when you lightly serve Your Vision.

You are but unmolded clay , in the arms of your Spirit!

Xristiana Sophia

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  1. Nature circles beyond linear mind
    are just fractal holograms
    created by our unconscious intelligence
    Nothing apart seems to have a meaning
    revealing its importance when connected to everything
    Wise looks calm and quiet
    while inside creates reality
    connected with soul and spirit
    Breathe deeply


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