September 27, 2015

On the threshold of time and space

We are not really "going home" unless we can turn our whole life around and move forward into our past, through a different perspective.

It's funny, but words don't reveal the true meaning to the sentence above, no matter how much they try. Perhaps they are not meant to. Perhaps some words must just exist is no time, hovering over  still untouched realitites, until consciousness is at a stage of revealing them...

In the midst of war, illness and decay, we are summoned to lift ourselves, lifting our world into new beginnings; like nothing we've experienced before, like nothing our history books record.

When all roles have been played and understood, the challenge is to let them go respecting them as we do, for they have served the purpose of understanding, of connecting the scattered parts. Hidden symbols of our dreams have played themselves out, so that we may connect the virtual world we call reality, with our inner wisdom and understanding.

It's been a long, bumpy road for those of us who have chosen to enfold Ariadne's clue...the vital lead that many times along our way we seemed to have lost but never did. But our training has been essential, following the difficult choices we have made.

The greatest knowledge is kept secret, hidden from curious eyes. The saying acquires yet a new meaning. Through long and patient digging, in the depths of our core Self, the challenge is to surface that which we have yet not revealed, even to ourselves.

From a unique, individual place of revelations, all pieces merge to unite, not only our own self but our troubled world too. The responsibility is huge, for we realize the relevance. As opposites become all that they can and should be, as they totally reverse, revealing their hidden parts, they also merge into one non-separable unity, becoming whole, canceling out illusion and all disconnected realities.

Each of us have our own parts to play, being at the same time separated in our individual choices for we need to make them alone, but also connected as never before in our contributions.

It is a time of great courage, new choices that we didn’t have before, which we can now see clearly and so must accept. It is also a time of great humility, for we cannot discuss or trumpet our discoverings or our moves, which we realize only when we accept making them. The meaning of sharing/connecting/co-creating changes completely, as we undertake our own, individual choices.

As time collapses and revealed apocalypses transform linear space in one great collage, we stand at the threshold of eternity, waiting for and choosing our next choice. We are all and we are new. We choose to create anonymously and yet our significance can transform worlds, galaxies and planets. The perfect balance where time stands still and yet is all "sucked into" the dark heart of our soul, birthing new life, Spirit never left our side!

But none of this is apparent, as the worlds collide, the opposites fiercely clash, as quakes and turbulences challenge our perception and call our sleeping hearts to awaken and take action; unidentified action, in a dream of violent masculines and victimized feminines, in all their obscured manifestations.  

For it is only in choosing and committing to our True Self that the newborn emerges and reveals itself in form. A choice we have never made before and yet we must bring forth. 

Xristiana Sophia

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