July 23, 2017


Fear. The ascendant, dominating emotion.

The fear to shift, the need to preserve and defend. 

The control of the lower instincts.

This world is running on the lower instincts and the lower mind.

Not sure if people should awaken. They are definitely trying to control and monitor this "awakening". Maybe they should be left to their dream.

"Awakening" promises deliverance, abundance, love and all that people have always sought and fought for. The dream-states are always equally funny and tragic. 

But "all" that awakening truly gives is knowledge!
Such a simple statement, that the lower mind totally misses and bypasses!

Knowledge is a hard burden to carry, which brings down the veils of dreams. 
It rips continuity, structure and solids apart.
It causes chaos to the lower, linear, egoic mind.

Most people who seek awakening or who think they have awakened, don't realize that to do so would be to kill their own self with their own bare hands.

They don't realize that "being connected with everyone and everything" is not the fairytale they have been told (sold) but a continuous task of enduring every thought, every pain, every seemingly separated world that they perceive.

They don't realize that when exiting linear time and space, the forces of existence become so great that balance and clarity are continuously challenged and require every "ounce" of attention (energy) that they never even imagined they possessed but must generate.

They don't realize that the magnitude of responsibility is nearly unbearable as is the co-responding requisite of purity and innocence, which exclude stagnation, "rest" and repetition, pushing the boundaries of creation at breathtaking speeds.

All of the above, already coded in myths, religions, ethics, logic of the matrix, teachings, to prevent (but also reveal) the rise of consciousness, to preserve time/space continuity, to continue the game that people play, believing it to be the only one; called "reality".

It really is a strange world!
Awakening is so close to dream-states, that no one could even imagine they were standing side by side its opposite. Like a pinch on the arm to snap out of the mind's illusions/mode, that you can't do to yourself!

Xristiana Sophia


  1. Άρτια διατυπωμένο.
    Μια ερώτηση πάνω στο θέμα.
    Τι γίνεται οταν κάποιος βρισκόταν στη κατασταση αφύπνισης και ύστερα το ξεχασε η τραυματίστηκε κατά κάποιο τρόπο; Παγιδεύτηκε στον ρεαλισμό ενος παιδιού,όμως ο αλλος του εαυτός επικοινωνεί μαζί του απο το υπερπέραν;

    1. Η πορεία του καθενός μας είναι ατομική. Δεν υπάρχουν κανόνες, γενικές συμβουλές, συλλογική καθοδήγηση (άποψή μου).
      Τα άρθρα μου είναι βιωματικά, δείχνουν ίσως αλλά δεν αντικαθιστούν την ατομική πορεία που είναι αναγκαία.


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