August 13, 2017

Self vs Icons

There is no thesis without antithesis, no position without opposition. Accepting and over-riding both, births the new. 

The positive and the negative are also reversed, pressing for perception.

Don't assume an easy ride if what you started out for was freedom.

Friends will have the face of enemies and critics must lash out claiming their known ground. Each ache a test for your sincerity and innocence. Each agreement and ally a test for your ego's arrogance.

Nothing is ensured. Nothing is pre-specified. All opportunities remain open, all hells boil up. 
You must remain alone.

You must find everything and everyone in that aloneness; guiltless, delivered, understood. Only then can you not be lonely again. Only there can you experience the fulfillment and completeness of your Self. 

It's a unique experience that cannot be copy pasted or explained. But you can be guided towards it. By those who have the practice and the experience, not the theory. 

Theories are no good when it comes to the individual. They are for the masses, they serve as a starting point for the individual, but they are a long way off the main path, which is even then not specific; closed in methods.

You also have to not lose touch with your surroundings. You cannot retreat, hide away or "take the time to find yourself". For the world and all its challenges is the precise learning and cultivating ground that you have chosen. You cannot denounce it. Or you slow your self down, opening doors of more virtual realities posing as truths. 

So don't expect to stand with others before you stand alone. This world separates for growth, for perception, for creation beyond the known spheres. 

You won't like it... It's not easy... It's uncomfortable, it's bumpy. At times it's lonely (until a certain stage). It's also breath-taking, magnificent and beyond any substitute or stand in quick-fix theory. It must be consciously chosen. 

Face your fears; everything you have been avoiding and trying to control subconsciously. Claim what's yours and at the same time would be right for all. Fight the wrong, willing to give up all that you have already gained, which now sees the light of truth. 

All this matters only if you can hear your Self, only if you can distinguish Your continuous Presence. 

Until then,  we fight needless battles, always in doubt of our self. We believe others more than we trust our Self, we follow our instincts but can't distinguish our intuition; we confuse our Self with false icons...

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