September 27, 2015

On the threshold of time and space

We are not really "going home" unless we can turn our whole life around and move forward into our past, through a different perspective.

It's funny, but words don't reveal the true meaning to the sentence above, no matter how much they try. Perhaps they are not meant to. Perhaps some words must just exist is no time, hovering over  still untouched realitites, until consciousness is at a stage of revealing them...

In the midst of war, illness and decay, we are summoned to lift ourselves, lifting our world into new beginnings; like nothing we've experienced before, like nothing our history books record.

September 25, 2015

Active, continuous meditation

We become impatient, frustrated, disappointed and so on and so forth because we consider whatever we choose to do as important and worthwhile; as if the whole world evolves around it. "Everyone should participate, care and take apart, as well as agree; see our point of view. They should become equally committed and enthusiastic or just as consumed by our "cause" or else they are opposite us; strangers.

When you can stand back and take a clear, objective look at the ego and how it thinks as well as reacts to everything, it seems so funny and childish. And yet, everything is so serious, demanding and dramatic for it. It's so easy to lose one's Self in issues, in details that become wholes and in subjective perceptions that seem objective and collective. It's amazing!

The previous is not "wrong" because commitment, passion and full devotion to our choices is essential, to be able to serve that which we do in life. What is needed is balance!

September 4, 2015

Way Beyond Words...

When I stand back and put everything in a wider perspective, it's obvious to me that it is not i who leads my life but an intelligence far greater than the mind can grasp.

Ιt doesn't matter whether i say "yes" or "no" to something. It's a "yes" if it's meant to be a yes, no matter what i  or anyone else thinks, no matter what seems to be happening, no matter how much time is needed for the "yes" to manifest, as "time" is a conception, irrelevant to this level of perception. And no power of this world or anywhere else can change that, no matter how much is "exposed", insisting on the opposite.