January 16, 2019

Illusions begone

How grateful should we be of life and how easy it is to forget!

How immature still, to realize only in moments of crises, when death knocks on our door or even the idea of this possibility meets with our mind.

To walk around like zombies, having no idea how we consciously create, how we are participating in life.

November 30, 2018


I have always asked the questions that normally people don’t even think of asking. Even if they do, many just ask them in philosophical circles, at specific gatherings but keep them way out of their personal, everyday lives and relationships.

My constant asking, seeking answers hasn’t changed since I was a child. And this is totally aligned with my practical life, no matter where it might mead me to or where I find myself to be, which I didn’t selectively seek or want.

Situations and questions that arouse much criticism, provoke the already installed fear of people and shake the elusive fundamental belief patterns, habits and unconscious rituals of old paradigms.

November 3, 2018

The power of words

When someone says, "everyone learns/understands in their own time", they don't really realize what they are saying, which is always very different than the words spoken.

Since most of us are still chasing time in some way or another, being also trapped in it, "in our own time" remains an excuse we use to avoid the present moment and our own individual sincere expression. We rarely speak our mind, we seldom reveal our truth, being stuck in the external chasing of linear time and the automization of concepts/words.

October 11, 2018

Deconstructing the old to create the new

There comes a time in your life - if you have been really seeking for truth - that you come face to face with some undeniable facts, which cannot be ignored anymore. Most people assume that they can just intellectualize truth, exchange ideas and study but keep their safe securities, their constructed lives, continuing to serve the very system that they want to exit from. We cannot, for all opposites must reconcile, everything hidden must surface, every lie must be revealed.

The more I learn about how this world is run, what everything really means, the more I realize how uneducated we are. I had already begun to realize (as I thought) quite a lot many years ago, but since my painful involvement with the system through my political disobedience case, one revelation after another of hidden knowledge destroys the world I thought we were living in.  Most of what I am discovering is so over-whelming that it's sometimes difficult to keep a clear-headed, holistic perception vs being sucked into the dark allies of our surface existence, named "civilized society". We are so in the dark thinking that we are educated, it's amazing to observe (and hold)!

September 6, 2017

A life worth living; grateful!

You can know something, when it doesn’t matter anymore…

Each day is a beginning and an ending, with so many beginnings and endings in between, that the “final curtain” doesn’t matter.

What we don’t embrace continues to haunt us.

What we deny persists.

What we accept and understand grows.

Life calls for deliverance of accusation, perhaps the ultimate exit from the matrices, so that we can exist within them lightly, expressing in wisdom.

August 13, 2017

Self vs Icons

There is no thesis without antithesis, no position without opposition. Accepting and over-riding both, births the new. 

The positive and the negative are also reversed, pressing for perception.

Don't assume an easy ride if what you started out for was freedom.

Friends will have the face of enemies and critics must lash out claiming their known ground. Each ache a test for your sincerity and innocence. Each agreement and ally a test for your ego's arrogance.

Nothing is ensured. Nothing is pre-specified. All opportunities remain open, all hells boil up. 

July 23, 2017


Fear. The ascendant, dominating emotion.

The fear to shift, the need to preserve and defend. 

The control of the lower instincts.

This world is running on the lower instincts and the lower mind.

Not sure if people should awaken. They are definitely trying to control and monitor this "awakening". Maybe they should be left to their dream.

July 18, 2017

No Identity

The matrix wants you to sink in negativity, pity, Self-doubt (not the same as self-doubt). 
Words don't form easily anymore, when you begin to decode its secrets. They have all already been used to code the reality you have adopted.

It feels like you're sinking in time, blackness, exhaustion, anger, disgust, hatred; it's all there, no matter how much you attempt to hide or control it.

You first have to recognize where you are. You can't pretend not to be there.

It can always go lower, deeper. Because it can always go a lot higher. Why have we believed that it can't? That there is a "bottom" that we touch? A childish belief that we need to cling to.

May 19, 2017

Mystical pathways

Linear thinking doesn’t have the same mechanisms, logic, understanding, as the deeper, non-limited higher mind. Words have also different vibrations on different levels of consciousness.

You have to want to access your deeper/higher mind. It doesn’t come “naturally”, neither is it “on display”, so that you may “chose from”. That wanting has to be a deep burning, a yearning like no other, which will aid you in passing the layers of linear mind, remain devoted through the trials and barriers and passionate enough to be disciplined and humble yet self-respecting through the process.

May 16, 2017


Happiness has very little to do with being happy or sad. It's not an emotional state, for emotions change, come and go, and all are welcome and accepted equally. 

"Happiness" is not even a correct word, for it belongs to the mind's concepts, fears, desires, beliefs, categorizations. Neither is "joy", "bliss" or any other word the correct one, for they each have their opposites, are already interpreted by the linear mind, excluding as much as they contain. The collective consciousness has yet to discover a term that best describes this much deeper state that virtual realities and the linear mind cannot reach.