July 21, 2015


Free money making systems

Here’s another one:


And here is the truth about it:


They exist ONLY because people are still looking for them. Anything that comes free, quick and easy is worth looking into right?

July 8, 2015

Self induced captivity

It's practically impossible to show someone that which he doesn't want to see. And why should it be any different?

Some believe that there are people who just cannot see, even if they wanted to. But that is just not true, it's only a belief based on an inner superiority /interiority complex, which I will not go into right now.

Why wouldn't anyone (in their right mind) want to see? Plainly because continuing to see that which they already do, is – as they believe - to their advantage, which of course they don’t realize and reject the assumption.

July 3, 2015

Peace of mind

Peace of mind

it doesn't mean you don't care
it doesn't mean you don't participate
it doesn't mean you choose sides.

It means you raise your vibrations
higher than your ego programming
it means that you remain fully conscious
of everything that enters or exists within you.

It means that you master your lower mind
and exist beyond linear reality
as well as within it.

It means you continue to feel, sense
without getting absorbed by anything.

It means you experience
all temporary experiences
with clarity, respect and the humility
that will provide You with wisdom
and give rise to the knowledge within,
which You give wisely
only to the true seeker.

Xristiana Sophia