July 21, 2015


Free money making systems

Here’s another one:


And here is the truth about it:


They exist ONLY because people are still looking for them. Anything that comes free, quick and easy is worth looking into right?

We still believe on a collective scale that we can either get anything worthwhile for free or else that we can get much more than what we give. “It just takes some research and perhaps finding the right doors”.

It might be true for things, which are meant to be used and passed around anyway, not to be possessed or stored. But that’s about it.

Why does this “free” concept still hold? Free lectures, free lessons, free books, free knowledge; the list is endless.

There is nothing free in the universe. There is nothing that we can receive without giving to it. We give our time, our money, our emotions, our energy, our lives. What are we investing in and why?

What is the need behind such investments?

Why do we accuse money if money is just a means of exchange, which WE assume to be the measure of our success, our survival tool, our security? We name! We are the ones who form beliefs and place anything and anyone against our Self.

It’s still tempting… Way too tempting to bypass.

If I can get it for free, why pay for it, right? We all do it to some extent...

Then there are also those of us who have loads of money to spend, who don’t even think about spending, so they buy equally unconsciously, thinking that “the world is at their feet”, because they have loads of money to toss around on anything that they please.

Either side is equally the same. Because it’s not how much money we have or don’t have. It’s how we are using our minds that matters, and that has no social status, no academic distinction, it’s not a matter of intelligence, calculations or ability. It’s only a matter of inner peace, because we understand the laws of creation, because we have realized that we are a piece of the puzzle, not isolated entities in a race of becoming at the cost of anyone or anything else.

There is nothing, absolutely nothing for free in our world, in our reality, in our mind. Even things are not free, cannot be free. When you give something away you are receiving freedom, space, self-appreciation, so much, in exchange for a “thing” that is useless to you and someone else can find useful.

There is so much that we need to doubt, re-think about if we want to start realizing that we are not just matter, not just temporary, not alone and not isolated…

Xristiana Sophia

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