September 20, 2013

Depression like you’ve never read about it before

Of course you’re entitled to give up, get depressed, want to escape this shit reality we are living as a society. The biggest mistake that you can do, is reject yourself for it or try to fix it by trying to impose the “love and light” theories that have absolutely no meaning in everyday real living.

What good are the theories when you don’t know where your next meal is coming from, when you cannot communicate with anyone, when you have so much anger inside you, when you have lost your job, when nothing means anything anymore? What good is trying to visualize “something positive”, when all the images that are coming cataclysmically to your mind are of destruction, uselessness and self rejection? The last thing that you need and can tolerate is some wise guy telling you to be positive, to “look on the bright side of life”. There IS no bright side! Come to terms with it, get a grip on it and accept it. You are rolling in shit and you are chaotically going round and round dark processes of thought. That’s it!

September 15, 2013

Eyes Wide Open

Each stage or phase in our human experience is an important one and should be respected as such. But how many of us really know how to observe ourselves “from a distance” and appreciate all that consists of us?

No matter what we have “conquered”, what we have achieved, we often find that we have to “get back into the matrix”, in ways that we thought we didn’t have to, in order to learn more, test what we have learned, gather more information and connect with all that we have safely excluded from our reality. Each time, this is a difficult transition, which becomes easier, the more we accept and go with the flow of life as well as our Higher Self’s guidance and knowledge.

Many times we think we have “conquered” or “moved up the ladder” but these are just concepts of the linear time, as there is no “up” or “down” in reality, and so must be evaporated from our consciousness.

September 6, 2013

I Have a Vision!

I’m one of those people who came into this world without really belonging to it, without being able to be consumed by it. Yes, to the eyes of the structured, organized, analytic mind, the word is “weird”! 

Even the day today is weird, as I was born on a Friday, 50 years ago today, which my simple mind tells me that it cannot be. Friday should have come round on my 49th birthday instead of on my 50th. I take it as positive sign for my new rebirth, once again in this world. And on this day, I can be as “weird” as I like!

Being connected and in tune with my Self, has its virtues, its responsibilities and also its fun side. I want to change everything! Being who I Am for at least the last decade of my life, change concerns this world and not my Self or my personal life, which is harmonious, fulfilling and surprisingly creative.

The thing about having Inner Sight is that the holograms and virtual realities become so plainly evident that I can no longer lose my energy or give away bits and pieces of myself to whatever is fake or lie. Surprisingly, this scares a lot of people who are not yet ready to open their minds. But, let me get to my vision...