September 15, 2013

Eyes Wide Open

Each stage or phase in our human experience is an important one and should be respected as such. But how many of us really know how to observe ourselves “from a distance” and appreciate all that consists of us?

No matter what we have “conquered”, what we have achieved, we often find that we have to “get back into the matrix”, in ways that we thought we didn’t have to, in order to learn more, test what we have learned, gather more information and connect with all that we have safely excluded from our reality. Each time, this is a difficult transition, which becomes easier, the more we accept and go with the flow of life as well as our Higher Self’s guidance and knowledge.

Many times we think we have “conquered” or “moved up the ladder” but these are just concepts of the linear time, as there is no “up” or “down” in reality, and so must be evaporated from our consciousness.

There is no way that we can judge ourselves from experience. There is no way that we can take a segment of a lifetime and draw safe conclusions about what we have mastered or fully acquired and what we have. The biggest lesson is to remain humble through it all. Criticism and judgment come from lack of humility. And lack of humility comes from misunderstanding the true meaning of humility. This misunderstanding, based on taught, previous ideas, which have not been truly doubted, prevents us from observing from a distance, from accepting and truly appreciating the magnificence of who we are, throughout our life.

But when we really learn to become (and remain) observers, life stops being one tragedy after another and we stop taking ourselves (our image) so seriously. There is so much more that we can realize and become aware of when we live through this expanded state of mind, that, for me, there is no other way of living, no other purpose in life.

There are levels of perception and it becomes a game to observe through each one, at will. Sometimes, you find yourself “consumed by the matrix” and begin to take things at face value, only to “exit” the game at will, and see the bigger picture, freeing yourself from illusion… while you continue to live your life, doing that which you have in front of you on a daily basis.

There are other times when you feel “stuck in it” with no exit doors in sight. But having achieved a “higher perspective” through objectively observing yourself and everything else, you KNOW that this is temporary too and that you have lessons to learn about yourself, information to acquire, some shifting within you to trust. No matter what turmoil seems to be present on the outside, deep inside you remain calm and “distant”. For most of us, there is yet another possibility: you realize that you are “stuck in the matrix”, once more, with no exit doors, only this time, you realize that you are opposing, that you are resisting reality, you are (secretly) judging, even though you KNOW that it is observation and not judgment that will show you your next step.

But even this last possibility, seen through the eyes of the observer, who realizes the judgment, who is aware of the resistance, cannot “harm you” in your core essence of who you truly are! You allow, you experience; your challenge is to trust. Your lesson is humility. Because, no matter who we are, what we have achieved, we are never completely free of our human substance, while we are in physicality. Many spiritual teachers will not tell you this, many will not admit their own inner moment to moment realities, but I think it is important for us to connect, to realize every aspect of our self and openly discuss it, helping each other along our way.

The obvious conclusion is that there is nothing that persists forever, except our own ideas that we like to keep and preserve. There is nothing that can really harm us but our own perceptions, which we consider true or “the only one”. There is no real enemy to guard ourselves against but our own educated, linear, surface (ego) mind, which we must learn to master and de-educate, in order to be free of the importance and the “stability” of its virtual, closed realities.

And once we do, once we become conscious observers, aware of much more than is evident on the surface of reality, life becomes magical. Each moment is open to creating the new, each step is little distance taken – back - towards our beginning. Each experience brings us closer to our true nature and unites us with our Spirit; our core essence that includes and yet transcends all that we are.

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  1. Yet another deeply resonating post, a call, a blow, a reminder... all of these simultaneously...
    So, "we Accept and we Go with the flow of Life as well as our Higher Self's guidance and knowledge....
    Our challenge is to TRUST..
    Our lesson is HUMILITY..
    Through conscious observation...each experience brings us closer to our true nature and unites us with our spirit..with all that we truly are"
    Loving yet relentless...Trusting yet observing...Wise yet childlike and learning, absorbing, flowing, feeling, encompassing, caressing, imagining...

    Eleni Grace


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