January 30, 2014


Most people are afraid of quitting and see it as a negative move in their life. The ego likes to see the negative in everything and scare you out of your will...

What happens if you quit everything?

January 29, 2014

Back to basics

 Life is really very simple but only if we learn to use our whole mind.

Everything about life has meaning and is significant but only if we can synthesize the parts and see the whole in each moment.

There is nothing negative, wrong, mistaken about us or our life, as long as we can perceive from an expanded point of view and understand the connections.

It remains convenient but only to the ego, to continue perceiving the parts, assuming that they are the whole that we need to oppose.

Words hide the true meaning that our left-brain is unable to see.

It is our right brain that decodes symbols and understands meaning beyond appearances.

January 26, 2014

Creating on purpose

This morning, after many amazing insights, through expanded awareness, I wrote these two little notes, which I think are useful to think about and take a step further, each of us within our own being.

The essence of Attention

Observation shows you where your attention goes.

First, you start to realize how much of a puppet you are to your beliefs, the opinions of others around you and your attachment to the past.

January 21, 2014

Your life’s purpose

You can never get too detached from your life’s purpose, no matter how hard you try. In doing that, you will remain unfulfilled, needing and searching. We each have our own individual life purpose. A very unique contribution to our own and everyone else’s life, that no one else can possibly fulfill.

Each and every one of us has our very own reason for being here;  born to fulfill. Society, all our schooling, the whole human focus, as it is today, is meant to bury it so deep, so that we may never find it. Structured totally on the ego, whether aggressive masculine based or victimized female based, societies are formed (still) for the purpose of serving the ego as god. Does that sound too harsh? Well, the ego can never take the truth “head on” and needs “explanations, which it will in turn, attempt to reject, separating parts that it can identify with, excluding all the rest.

January 18, 2014

“Big Brother” in your head

All suppression is done within the spectrum of “the best intentions” and totally in front of our eyes… until we are willing and able to see. That’s how I feel, that is what I know. Seeing from myself, you need to be in a continuous alert mode to doubt all that which you know and to be willing to widen your perception. From one minute to the next, it can all change completely, as new and expanded knowledge enters your consciousness.

All change begins in consciousness. We exist in a world that – on a large scale – has not understood this yet, although it is preached, defended and believed to be so. Yet belief will always obstruct knowledge for it can serve as a stepping-stone or a wall that you cannot see, likewise! The way to keep your consciousness detached from any belief is still unknown and alien to many.

January 12, 2014

Does the Universe conspire?

It’s actually the other way round… the universe neither conspires nor does it not conspire with you. It’s YOU, who must align yourself with the universe and act out of your highest potential.

It’s one thing to know what you want, what you want to focus on but it’s quite another to know how to remain open and in line with your Self.

What you “want” is supposed to make your heart sing and it is supposed to be of benefit for all. You can’t want a relationship for example with someone, when he or she does not. On the other hand, you CAN have a relationship with anyone, as long as you don’t mean, “tie them down” or possess them.

January 11, 2014

An explosion that will happen

This is a letter that was sent to me by a student who asked to remain anonymous. I think that it hides many truths for those of us who are willing to see...

"This morning is vague, gloomy and very very contracting.

Contracting is hard, painful and seems to last much longer than it actually does. Hours seem to stand still and the whole world outside seems to vanish. 

January 7, 2014

False teachings

They are teaching us to be frightened of our mind, to try to silence it instead of observe and learn from it, as we attempt to make meaning out of it. The greatest asset that we have, our mind, is to be silenced and put aside as we are not to trust it.

"Let go of your negative thoughts, resist being frightened, don’t pay attention to your limiting beliefs, replace all the negativity with positive feelings and thoughts". What a ruthless attempt and a war that can never be won!

A total reconstruction of the feminine to serve the ignorant and a total bypassing of the masculine to ensure lack of action, which would complete the circle and provide us with the self-reliance and the self-trust to take responsibility of all that we are individually and collectively creating.

January 6, 2014

Changing the scenery of dyslexia

If you are dyslexic then there is a whole lot of left-brain functions that you need to learn, in order to function properly in a physical, linear, senses-based society/world. But it is how you learn them and not if you can learn them.

You first need to learn all the qualities, advantages and strengths concerning being right-brained. That is how you’ll build the necessary basis of self-confidence on which you will depend on, to move on to learning whatever it is that you wish to learn.

Through this process, you will discover and realize all the myths that you have been told about dyslexia.

I keep using the word dyslexia, although it has no reference to what it really is, until a new word is found, which will replace our former myths and limiting perception.