January 18, 2014

“Big Brother” in your head

All suppression is done within the spectrum of “the best intentions” and totally in front of our eyes… until we are willing and able to see. That’s how I feel, that is what I know. Seeing from myself, you need to be in a continuous alert mode to doubt all that which you know and to be willing to widen your perception. From one minute to the next, it can all change completely, as new and expanded knowledge enters your consciousness.

All change begins in consciousness. We exist in a world that – on a large scale – has not understood this yet, although it is preached, defended and believed to be so. Yet belief will always obstruct knowledge for it can serve as a stepping-stone or a wall that you cannot see, likewise! The way to keep your consciousness detached from any belief is still unknown and alien to many.

The amusing and also tragic aspect of the whole planetary merry-go-round is that most people are willingly participating in the ride, regardless of whether they acknowledge this or not. Looking for suppressors, the “bad guys” and the “elit conspiracies” out there, is like trying to bury your head in the sand, while you are down on your knees, with your backside sticking out high above the ground; exposed and vulnerable. And yet, although you have the image of my description clear in your head, you fail to make the connection with yourself.

It’s amazing to observe the statistics of human mass behavior. Each aspect of our human lives is so easily detectable, that it would be a joke to even think that we can hide somewhere “safe”. But that is not the real issue. The real issue is that people fail to see the distorted mirrors all around them, because they are simply unwilling to see themselves.

Oh, I know all the theories being preached and I am aware of all the information that is available, offering “clear eyesight” and “awakened consciousness”. Ask yourself a common sense question: Why are still so many people fast asleep? Why are we still racing ahead towards our own destruction, totally unable to see the wall ahead? Why are YOU still searching for that magical "one thing" that will free you, make you truly happy and fulfilled?

Yes, the ego’s easy answer is to attempt to "liberate your own consciousness" while accusing others of remaining fast asleep or being the "bad guys". The other easy and equally predictable ego’s attempt is to change some of your ideas, your habits and “what you choose to focus on”, thinking that you can exclude all the rest. A cunning little thing it is! And most importantly of all, it continues to elude your perception, although you think you “see”!

What a sarcastic, aggressive piece of text right? I seem to be placing all of humanity in a very tiny little box or category. Yes, that IS what your ego would say, finding it extremely easy to criticize me or reject the entire blog of a very “limiting perception”! But you see, you will be offended, if you have ANY reason to be, which exists in the corners of your own mind. You will feel the uncanny need to defend yourself, if your little ego has persuaded you that you must! You will be reading this, only if there is ANY reason that your own Self has decided that you must!

And while you continue to roam the Internet looking for “the right answers”, the “correct information” and continue to live your life according to your beliefs, opinions and needs, the world continues to crumble around you, while you feel you belong to one of the following categories. You either feel too powerless to do anything about it, so you have comfortably given away your power to your assumed suppressors, or you feel empowered by your newly-found methods and theories, believing that you are contributing to the “new world” in a positive sustainable way. Yeah, eat healthy, grow your own food, return to nature, accuse your negative emotions, focus on the positive and do all the “modern” things that ensure a “peaceful consciousness” and a good night’s sleep.

I am not asking if all that you are doing is enough. I am not judging what each person is doing. It is admittedly difficult to understand how an article like this one can come straight from heart, is written with love and that there is harmony and peace in my being. Being able to pierce reality and see beyond the obvious is an invaluable gift as it is a curse.

The few, who will endure reading and will have reached this stage of the article, must now be willing to go deep within their own mind, deep within their own being and ask the very difficult questions. Have you repeatedly quietened the little voice inside you telling you what you don’t want to hear? Have you consciously avoided doing that which you are afraid will destroy your illusions and “force you” into a totally different way of living that you have assumed you must follow? Are you really in command of your own mind? Do you honestly feel you are walking your Own Path, in full confidence, devotion and an innocent willingness to leave each comfort zone that the ego wants to trap you in?

You answer truthfully ONLY to your Self….

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