January 21, 2014

Your life’s purpose

You can never get too detached from your life’s purpose, no matter how hard you try. In doing that, you will remain unfulfilled, needing and searching. We each have our own individual life purpose. A very unique contribution to our own and everyone else’s life, that no one else can possibly fulfill.

Each and every one of us has our very own reason for being here;  born to fulfill. Society, all our schooling, the whole human focus, as it is today, is meant to bury it so deep, so that we may never find it. Structured totally on the ego, whether aggressive masculine based or victimized female based, societies are formed (still) for the purpose of serving the ego as god. Does that sound too harsh? Well, the ego can never take the truth “head on” and needs “explanations, which it will in turn, attempt to reject, separating parts that it can identify with, excluding all the rest.

But I’m not here to answer to the ego. Each one of us must face our own ego, learning its ways and understanding its manipulations within us, instead of fighting one another, trying to glorify the ego. Besides, it never understands what it is not trained to perceive nor does it see the answers it doesn’t already expect.

Our individual purpose is the one area, which the ego is losing ground, within all misguidance available to it. No matter what we achieve, conquer, succeed in, no matter who we have become in our identity, our soul’s purpose combined with our spirit’s purpose (yes, they are different), will always “speak” to us from the depth of our being.

When we are not aligned with our purpose, we have that unmistakable “sign” within, evident in many different ways, that “there was something else that we were supposed to be doing”. Whether we admit this or not, the sensation is there. No matter who or how much we are surrounded with, we have that uncanny feeling that reminds us, every now and then that, we are not fulfilled, we are not “walking our own ground”. I’m sure most of us have felt this, much as we would like to silence it at times.

We’ve had a cultural education. We learned to see the “group” but not the self. We form our lives based on borrowed needs and others’ beliefs that we rarely realize. We want others to follow in our footsteps and need them to be like us… oh yes, despite the many theories going round on individuality, self and unity. We are afraid to walk alone. We are afraid to form our own path; one that is like no other.

The ego will tell you that you’re all alone. "You will be outcast and left lacking". What we do not learn to do is LISTEN to the ego, take it seriously and consider its viewpoints. We are taught to fear fear, to avoid negative thoughts and to transform negative emotions. We never reach the truth, our inner truth! All that we are taught to avoid, we must reverse.

Nothing will ever have any meaning before we realize and take responsibility of honoring our own purpose. Everything we know, defend and attempt, WILL be jeopardized when we finally decide to stop going against ourselves. The countless examples of individuals who have had the courage to create their own path are the proof that we need that there is no other way to live.

Our very own individual purpose comes with us when we are born, as a blueprint, and is always evident and clear, although we cannot see it. We are taught to search high and low but never to see that which lies right in front of us, in broad daylight. There is a reason for this too and it HAS served us up till now. The journey “around” has been necessary, to form the complete circle, bringing us back to our self. The journey itself has been vital and useful.

But now, that has changed. Time has changed. We are a different consciousness. We have learned more, understood deeper and need to DO differently. We must become glowing individuals, serving the whole, through who WE are (and no one else is).

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