January 29, 2014

Back to basics

 Life is really very simple but only if we learn to use our whole mind.

Everything about life has meaning and is significant but only if we can synthesize the parts and see the whole in each moment.

There is nothing negative, wrong, mistaken about us or our life, as long as we can perceive from an expanded point of view and understand the connections.

It remains convenient but only to the ego, to continue perceiving the parts, assuming that they are the whole that we need to oppose.

Words hide the true meaning that our left-brain is unable to see.

It is our right brain that decodes symbols and understands meaning beyond appearances.

Understanding the various aspects of our self and our lives is essential in everything that we do, whether that is forming harmonious relationships, healing an illness, achieving inner peace, succeeding in what we choose to do or anything else that is our life’s purpose.

The current matrix (all systems that are included within it: educational, judicial, political, etc.) continues to support our inner and outer isolation, as long as we, at an individual level, continue to remain ignorant of the mechanics of our own mind and the creative process of life.

Remaining within the known is considered to be safe and comfortable until insecurity and discomfort knocks on our door or appears on our doorstep. The courageous thing to do is to be willing to explore the mind, life, meaning and our self, before we reach the point of no return. It takes less effort, less time and less pain to get out of our comfort zone at will.

Doubting all that we think we know is not something we are taught HOW to do, while remaining centered, peaceful and in harmony with our self.

Psychotherapy implies the need for healing which comes from without. Nut the only true “healer” is your Self. It also implies an “expert” beyond your Self, who does not really exist.

“Going within” by yourself is the other polarity of ignorance, as you assume that you are disconnected from all and cannot receive knowledge from outside yourself. But knowledge comes from without us. How we understand and what we do with it is a learned process that begets wisdom and the self-confidence of our actions.

There are more misconceptions in our minds than we can ever imagine there are. No outside search for truth can reveal them, unless we learn how to access our whole minds and thing holistically. Once again, words seem known and understood.

Each day is a new beginning that we are not programmed to fully understand through experience. Yesterday’s truth is simultaneously merged into today’s discoveries and revelations and also automatically obsolete.

Truth, peace and love are found in the countless paradoxes that govern our lives, whether we recognize them or not, whether we accept them or not.

Change is inevitable but continued ignorance is a choice we make each day that we remain unwilling to learn the simple mechanics of our own minds.

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