January 30, 2014


Most people are afraid of quitting and see it as a negative move in their life. The ego likes to see the negative in everything and scare you out of your will...

What happens if you quit everything?

You get to start over.

You get to do it the way you want it every step of the way.

You get to re-think everything.

You get to find creative answers.

You get to connect with people with the same vision.

You let go of old baggage.

You get to explore.

You learn more than ever before.

You exercise your imagination beyond limits.

You can observe better from a distance.

You play a lot.

You appreciate the small stuff and all that you had taken for granted.

You realize that time is precious; each moment counts.

You start being authentic, simple and yet gracious in your choices.

You connect to your Spirit, others and the world around you...

You lighten up!!!


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