February 2, 2014

Understanding the mind matters

Before we even think of creating consciously, we need to understand the "I" (ego), the "self" and the the Higher Self, through experience. This is basic knowledge needed that is not available throughout our education and upbringing. 

Actually, there are “three” of us…. The “I”, the “self” and the “Self”… Interesting stuff; essential knowledge for our everyday living, as long as we remain constantly aware. 

Words don’t matter, but experience does.

What we need to remember and constantly have in our mind is, which of the three selves is at play, creating the future. We have a choice; either to follow the ego or the Higher Self, at any given moment: the structure or the authentic being. That is the “only” choice and a difficult one to make, until it becomes “second nature” to us.Then we move beyond "making choices" by integrating all into one glorious being. But we are still far away from that reality.

There is a world of difference between the ego and the Self, as there is a purpose to both. Neither being right or wrong, the choice is not always a clear one and one that definitely needs discernment, from the heart (in the moment), to make.

The self, as each part of our being, has its “own mind”, which we need to tap into, understanding the fundamental differences between it and the other “two minds”; the ego’s and the Higher Self’s. Living and choosing through the Higher Self, we create wonders and accomplish miraculous achievements, beyond human imagination. Understanding and de-structuring the ego, we live authentically, by remaining consciously aware as we study, learn and grow.

Most people just want to skip everything else and reach the Higher Self. This of course is impossible and is only the workings of the ego, camouflaged as spirituality.

Too much time is spent on practices and ways of thinking that continue to limit us, when much more is constantly open and available to us, waiting for our courageous will to claim it.

The brain is only the transmitter, which transmits information to and fro, according to its structure (programming). We need to claim our brain first; find out how we REALLY think (as opposed to what we think about) in order to move on to higher (wider) levels of decoding, synthesis and knowing.  

The more ignorant are less willing to learn. The more structured are less able to be freed from limitation. Any structure that becomes part of or altogether an identity, is limiting. Words take on meanings, through the level of perception or, in other words, through “the mind” that is perceiving.

“Going back” to de-structuring and learning is something that most of us will avoid doing, clinging on to our comfort zone, which gives us a false sense of knowing and a false sense of security. Discernment becomes more and more difficult as we move toward globalized information. Hidden agendas are often also hidden from many "well-meaning" informers.

What is always more comfortable to do, is to “add to” the knowledge that we already think we have, which becomes very confusing and time consuming. Yet, this is the road most often chosen and supported. Collecting information will not ensure knowledge, neither does it become converted to wisdom, which must be applied into our everyday lives.

The necessity before we can hope to synthesize, is to de-program, de-construct, un-learn; be honestly willing to doubt our OWN ideas of truth.

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