February 25, 2014

Be all that you CAN be

We are always told that we should “be who we really are”. But the point is, that we are ALWAYS being who we really are!

The only problem with that is that our mind and/or the world has a problem with who we are. And that’s how the confusion begins within, and extends without.

First you need to understand that you are always who you want to be. And becoming consciously aware of that, is a long road in itself.

It takes a lot of real de-programming of the mind, a complete change in the way that you think, to achieve that. Until finally, you come to the realization, that there was never a moment in your life when you weren’t who you really wanted to be.

Then - and only after that - comes another big moment in your life, when you realize... yes, it finally dawns on you, that the real challenge is to become who you CAN be, without changing who you are! Or, if I have to put it even more accurately: keep being who you can be, without changing who you are.

But you see, the surface mind doesn’t understand this, as it sees opposites and differences. It doesn’t understand synthesis, peripheral vision, inclusion. It cannot see the whole.

But then, it’s not for the surface mind to see. It’s for you to understand and see beyond appearances and beyond what you have been taught to see, through your surface mind. At the same time (as is the case), you train the surface mind to follow you.

And then, you realize...
that life is a magical journey where BEING is continuous, changing and always refreshingly new, yet always as it was before.
When enough of us have achieved understanding this, through experience, we'll probably also find new words to describe the transformation in our thinking. 

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