February 11, 2014

Intentional or unintentional focusing

...Your Personal Beam of Light

Think in images and emotions rather than with intellect and logic…

Being an individual, you have a personal beam of Light, which radiates according to your personal power of Truth and Love, which you are able to transmit.

Each time you focus, you are turning your personal beam of Light towards someone or something specifically, altering it accordingly.

The power of your beam is the total sum of clarity and connection, which you fuel it with. What you give out/extend/offer, with or without your conscious awareness of it, is reflected back at you, changes everyone and everything involved, while strengthening or impoverishing you too.

Conflicting intentions weaken the Light beam, as do those that are not based on truth and Love. Remember that "truth" and "love" are concepts, which the ignorant have manipulated with and altered to suit the continuation of self-dis-empowerment, and not the other way round.

Focus of attention is important. As long as we remain ignorant of our own mind and the "background" happenings within it, we focus unintentionally, creating more chaos than we would like to admit.

Arrogance and pride is just as weakening of the beam, as victimized humility.

We lie to others and ourselves when we are unable to receive anything different from our perceived truth (perception).

That which is important is what you give/send out each time you focus, not how much you can run around and accomplish in one day. We start to notice the quality of our personal Beam of Light, through all that is reflected back at us instantaneously. It is always of similar energy.

“Personal gain” is a concept built out of self doubt and ignorance of the laws of creation.

Continuous focus and refocus, through methods, affirmations, strategies, on the same image/intention also reveals doubt, thus weakens the beam. What we do each time we focus on our intention is refine and liven our images, fueling them with deep, heart-felt emotions of integration, trust and connection with the desired reality.

Know that even when you cannot see or hear someone or something with your physical eyes, you can still know, effect and stimulate with your energy field of Love and Truth. Usually, we inflict doubt and fear, just because we remain ignorant of all the forces at work beyond our limiting senses, held victim to our thinking minds.

It doesn't matter what you see or don't see as proof. The only meaning that TIME has is to teach, show, help you to claim and learn to use your individual power.

When your full power has been established, which also means that you are fully aligned with Spirit and other Souls, you will be able to dream/envision and create consciously, effortlessly, wisely.

Destruction is only the other side of creation, which can also teach/show, if you are not afraid to see.

Just focus on your offering…

When we realize what the "ego" is and what the "self" is, then we can continue to observe and accept the self; we realize the journey, the efforts, the accomplished, not previously recognized. We begin to re-connect with all our alienated pieces and recognize the whole. Then we can decide to begin creating more consciously, more attuned with the Spirit, through realizing that it is not us (the ego) doing anything but rather, it is in aligning ourselves humbly but in confidence, with Divine Will, which is also our own.

Remain with your intention… it’s up to you if you want to hide or reveal yourself to your Higher Self. It is the most difficult choice; the only one we make each moment.

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