February 27, 2014

The truth about books

How can I ever express all the amazing thoughts that are running in my mind? How also, can I ever express the amazing feelings that are running continuously through me?

Truth is so amazingly simple that it continues to scare people away.

Bits and pieces of thoughts, scattered here and there, can mean nothing to the disassociated Man and in the meantime can show through a hologram, the grand unification of the One (whole) Mind.

When I was a little girl, I had a dream. I wanted to become an author, as I saw authors as semi-gods who had achieved the impossible (for my eyes). I waited until I was “old enough”, until I had "something specific and useful to say". I did it! Dream accomlished... only to realize that "dreams" and "visions" are two completely different things.

Today, half a century later, I realize that no book can include within its pages The Truth. And I mean, absolutely NO Man-written book!

Truth is current, it’s a daily discovery and re-choosing, re-affirming of who you want to be. I have realized, much as I love and treasure books, that they are life-less and heart-less. Could it be otherwise?

Recently I gave all my all-time favorite, loved and treasured books away. Moving from my old home, I realized that I really needed very little to be happy, content and fulfilled. And the amazing discovery was that I do not de-value “things”. On the contrary, I appreciate and respect them even more. But that doesn’t mean that I have to cling on to them.

I know that many people need to go through the phase of collecting books and information that I went through. But for me, the most treasured information and the most substantial knowledge is always, continuously residing in my Heart and Mind, now!

The synthesis of our self, our whole Being is not about collecting or possessing or memorizing. It’s about understanding, unifying, destructing and creating who we CAN be each moment.

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