February 22, 2014

Seasons of the Soul

Trying to "forget" our truth, which remains hidden under our own lies, is what is keeping us astray.

We don't trust our own thoughts, we have forgotten how to think. We have learned to trust the thoughts of others, ignorant of their underlying intentions.

I Am preparing for Spring; a time of expansion, of creating the new. The core knowledge within me knows this truth, as seasons change to meet my Will.

Winter is a time of contraction, of contemplation, reflection of previous actions. The stillness is essential. The motionless action serves our purpose of being.

When we remain afraid and ignorant, unworthy of the courageous necessity, so too we deprive ourselves of rising, of creating the new and blooming into our majestic existence.

People have forgotten how to think for themselves, although they believe that they do. 

All that they have named "fairy tales", they continue to search for besides their own doings. All "truth", which they easily accept and believe, continues to haunt them, while they transmute into less than they are.

Man has forgotten that he is "co-creator" although he repeats meaningless words that others explain to Him. Remembering is simultaneously to remember HOW...


  1. Practicaly witch action will help the preparation to remember?

    1. First you must be willing to contract but consciously this time, as you begin to make sense of the contraction with a live guide to see you through.
      That's how you begin to decode the matrix of the mind and without realizing it, begin to simultaneously expand into infinity.
      But there's no way that your mind can make sense of my words, as it interprets through symbols which it has already given its own meaning to. :)


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