February 9, 2014

Realizing our own deception

It’s easy to blame the world when our subconscious thoughts – the ones playing in the background, which we haven’t been trained to observe – are carving our reality moment by moment. And whatever we say, no matter how much we blame, try to change, attempt to convert, educate and try to "raise others",we still have not mastered our own mind... entirely!

Don’t be mistaken; it’s not something that is easy to do or that you can take light-heatedly. Many of the greatest minds on Earth are still attempting this basic, essential control of their own mind. It doesn’t involve intelligence. It involves will-power and a whole new focus on life, your reality and your own mind. Are you ready for it?

You see, all the words said, all the papers written, all the scientific, philosophical or mystical arguments won’t move you a tiny bit, unless experience is added to each little piece of information that you need, in order to challenge/doubt through experience.

Remaining focused and devoted to your intentions is not something to be taken lightly or a comfortable place to be. Many times, the very intentions that you so boldly defend will be doubted by your own mind, no matter what you present on the outside, through your everyday masks. We all have them and wear them... many of us without realizing.

Each day is a new beginning, which you have the challenge to realize as such or not. No matter what you have been doing or thinking about yesterday, you have the ability to totally reverse the process, to change the scenery within, as long as you remain aware of all that constitutes your mind; your inner, expanded world.

If you have been born in this world through conception, gone to school and lived in any world societies, no matter who you are, what you have accomplished, this will remain a challenging task. There is no escape from conditioning, no matter what your beliefs are, no matter which (positive) habits you have chosen to serve, no matter which “awakened” practices you have added into your everyday life.

Remaining aware, ensuring your personal willpower and objective observation, staying true to your Spirit’s desire and purpose, is an ongoing attempt and challenge, which strengthens and becomes "easier", the more you follow and serve it with devotion.

There is more to change than you have been led to believe.
There is much more to doubt than you feel comfortable doubting.
There is much more to gain from “the world out there”, than you can ever imagine.

Amazingly, you move forward meeting your past but you don’t realize this on a daily basis, through usual, linear thinking. The more you learn, which is awesome and mind opening, the more there is to learn (and unlearn) too. This is where fear and risk come in, which you have been conditioned to avoid.

Is it really possible to take control of your mind and establish your Own Will? Staying one step ahead of the thinking mind is a challenge few have mastered and even fewer can show the way to. The amazing reality is that by using our minds in a totally different way, we simultaneously "reject" past knowledge, as we synthesize all, to see the larger amazing picture of human experience and God-like presence in life.

Paradox confuses the linear mind but is the pathway for new beginnings, immense willpower and the start of creating a whole new Earth for our children and ourselves.

But don’t expect any article, book or seminar to show you the way. No matter how many articles or books you read, no matter who you hear or follow, you will always return to your perceived comfort zone, asking for more to “charge your batteries” and refuel your intention.

Nothing but personal devotion and discipline in your own personal journey, with a personal teacher (whom you can trust), who can guide you without methodology, through your own understanding, to your own core truth, which is one and the same for all. You can then reveal the secrets of your own mind, lighten your way and connect with your Own Self, the essence of your Being, not to be confused ever again, with the linear mind or any temporary self/ego. 

We can and do learn... as we can unlearn all that we think we know...

Xristiana Sophia

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