February 3, 2014

Way beyond normal thinking

When things seem to be persisting and not changing, then there is obviously something to do.

The surface-mind/ego understands “doing” as physical action; nothing more. But physical action is the expression of the already created within the creative-mind/self. It takes two to tango!

Every creation begins within the mind, where “mind” is an abstract word, with many levels, many functions, many meanings. Being constantly willing to explore our own mind, instead of remaining focused to that tiny percentage (the surface mind), which we feel comfortable in using, is essential.

What makes us go back to the way we are used to thinking, creating that which we can predict and feel familiar with? It doesn’t matter what the issue is, how small or big a problem is. The same applies to all and the process cannot be changed.

Why are we unable to change that which we don’t like or does not serve us anymore? Why is time such a big factor in change, which is still not understood?

Can we even imagine that everything we know is right (not wrong as we have thought before)? The habit of naming actions/procedures wrong is preventing us from seeing the whole and creating the new.

What do we do when we want something different than that which we have, but it seems to be slipping away from us or it becomes too painful and too difficult to continue serving or attempting?

You can’t teach something which you have not achieved as an experience in your life. But that’s a tricky one…

Achieving expression of that which you know, always takes more than yourself. Creation involves two (or more). Well, the first “two” are you as a personality/soul and you as an impersonal self/spirit. They need to agree and co-operate to achieve that which is synthesized from their union. Then, your conscious self, the synthesized (trinity) part of you reveals the steps, utilizing both parts of the brain (the organized linear left-brain and the chaotic, simultaneous right-brain) to moving towards your vision in action/expression.

In this sense, creation actually involves “three”; it is a product of a trinity.

All this takes time to master and we are usually not prepared to use time wisely. We even state that linear time does not actually exist. And yet it does, on this level of consciousness and in this sphere that we are currently in. If we continue to misuse time and spend it pretending we know through exchanging theories and philosophies, opinions and beliefs, without actually doing something about it, without actually changing anything, time becomes even slower and denser as we obstruct our sight, closing our own perception to a very limited focused perception we are familiar with.

Wrap your mind around that…!

If all this makes you dizzy, you’re probably on the right track.

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