February 19, 2014

Afraid of our own thoughts (?)

It’s actually hard to imagine but we are being taught to be afraid of our own thoughts. Of course, well meaning teachers and counselors don’t call it fear, but many other things, which don’t initially seem like fear…

Concentrate on that which you want and like, is life enhancing and positive.

Change your negative thoughts into inspiring, positive ones.

Focus on thoughts of light, so that you may attract the light in your life.

The advice is varied but all too similar, although promising methods spring up daily to ensure our success of and joyful and abundant life.

Well, with all this “inspiration”, all the tools applied, all the teachings spread and followed, it still amazes me how we manage to:

kill without knowing that we do, exist in poverty (no matter what we do or do not have) and remain ill and miserable

ignore our own souls and Spirit thinking that we are following our “soul’s path”,

remain isolated within ourselves or cling to small groups, satisfying our ego’s attempts to belong, to know, to be right, to conquer the Spirit?

A child’s way of thinking is always a challenge; a most difficult one to undertake…

Why would I want to change something that I wasn’t afraid of?

Why would I leave any roads unexplored and undiscovered if they present themselves to me?

How could my own creations (thoughts) possibly harm me if I AM the creator of my reality?

Why would I shy away of appreciating all my emotions, if they are the essence and the light-house of my human experience?

Are we too specialized, too analytical, too artificial to answer a child's questions simply and honestly?

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