February 21, 2014

Beyond the Visible

If you try to change someone way before their time, long before they have the opportunity to understand, to take in, to absorb the change, it can lead to madness or to the complete opposite results.

In most cases, this is not even possible. Each person walks by his/her own free will. But even when it is accomplished, temporarily, because you have the power to do so, it will all turn against you and against that which you are trying to accomplish.

Enforced or un-willed (from the heart) change is only temporarily possible. Whatever “temporarily” means; days, weeks, months, years. If it’s not your own Will, it will convert back to what it was... to what you really are, eventually, with all the consequences of the action involved and experienced.

We are not a civilization that likes to wait, to nurture. We are not prepared to realize and appreciate that which cannot be seen. And you can’t easily see the workings of a single seed, trying to connect to the Earth, striving to be what it really is, strengthening from inside to “build” a concrete basis on which to grow on.What our eyes can see, is the plant, the result, the evidence.

For a while (a "long" while, in ego terms), you can neither see the seed or the plant. There is nothing but barren Earth. We have learned to accept and realize this for plants, but not for humans. We believe in plants and their strength to grow. We wait for them to produce their beauty, their fruit, their offerings, but we are impatient with ourselves, with others; with the human heart.
The greatest creation of the Universe remains last of the list of trust, nurturing and strengthening.

We like to see photos of plants, seeds, the Earth, but you will hardly find any photos of barren soil, sand, which doesn't express the beauty that we expect to see. Just a small "detail", which reveals our focus of attention, our intentions and also our hidden fears...

The strongest and most powerful force of creation, the immense force of merging, establishing Will, remains unseen, unrecognized and therefore, not valued or awarded. And yet, it is the most difficult and the most rewarding part of the creative process, which only a few can withstand, continue to serve and help bring to expression.

The physical eyes want/need to see beauty and positive creation everywhere. But they are not trained to see beyond the surface. We are not trained to speed or merge time within our own mind. We don’t know the meaning of faith, devotion, nurturing, discipline or imagination yet…

The greatest value of our human experience remains unseen, not respected and of course not rewarded to date...

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