January 6, 2017

Our Nature

For some unexplainable reason - the linear mind never knows beforehand but always pretends to know (if it's not controlled, given its proper role all over again) - yesterday I wanted to take a short stroll by the beach. I don't like the cold and wind. Yesterday was a windy, winter's day!

The waves were hitting the shore in rage, the wind was blowing my hair all over the place, the sky was gray, the clouds were piling up, moving closer and seeming highly threatening. Oddly enough, I wasn't feeling cold, but I still had no idea why I was there, other than "taking a walk on the beach on a winter's day" wasn't in my experiences. So, I enjoyed, I observed, I sensed, I emptied my mind...

Back in my office the next morning, in the warmth of my home, the fury sea is still with me and the experience miraculously brings forth its meaning and purpose. It's always a synthesis of images, experiences, dialogues, thoughts, emotions and non-linear time all coming together in one grand puzzle/motive, waiting to be revealed. 

The intellect thought that it could conquer emotions and make a stand above them. It started coding, explaining, and boxing everything to prove its superiority against the uncontrollable, illogical emotions. The suppressed rebelled! So obviously naturally, so funny to assume otherwise, so tragic to continue deluding ourselves. 

"Change your emotions, choose your emotions, transform your emotions, categorize them, accuse them, hide them, analyze them...", the list, the advice, the theories are endless. Each with many followers, all trying their best to obey. Each one with more frills and ribbons than the one before. All productions of the intellect seeking control, reign, order. What a mess!

Emotions belong to the body and the physical mind. They are the waves, the change of seasons, the peaceful sunsets, the storms of the seas, the Earth's quakes and explosions, the peaceful summer beaches, the hot summer days, the cool breeze blowing silently on a spring day. Moods are their expressions, the defusing and the indicators of emotions. They go wild and out of control when they are intellectualized, suppressed, accused. 

Let go of the hold on your emotions and allow them to express. They are not the "danger". Suppressing them, camouflaging them, faking them is! Interestingly, many people STILL don't even know their emotions and are in fear of them. Interestingly, many people still believe that emotions cause illnesses and threaten the body. What a humiliating and dehumanizing concept; one that most of us believed at one time or another. 

Nature is not always "peaceful and calm" as many deluded adults want to believe (yet children know, if let alone to grow and not boxed "normal"), imagining a made-believe world that always threatens what is! But, hey folks, nature IS! Look around you, feel it, become one with it. Your body belongs to the Earth, where it will return. (I know, those programs of the "eternal body" are hard to overpass!) We continue to pamper the body, adore and punish it, hide and "improve" it, and it's all so absurd to watch. The underlying fear of it, passes secretly (subconsciously) by, under the surface linear, logical assumptions.

Watch the theories... "Healthy foods, environmental issues that harm the body, tree-hugging, sun-gazing...", you name it, it has its own agenda... and of course profit! But the attachment to the body, the fear of its uncontrollable behavior, the spontaneous expression of emotions, the uncontrollable reactions when provoked, all show the terror, the misconceptions, the chasing of "righteousness", which is intellectually-based (and coded). But we don't like the movies that show us as robots, do we?

Yes, we WOULD have a breakdown of the nuclear structure of society if honest expression substituted suppression and conformity. But, what's the "big" difference of that which we already have now and will strengthen even more in the near future? Look closer, look with honesty...the suppressed and the lies cannot live forever nor can nature be caged for long.

Yeah, I know my sarcasm is uncontrollable. But we are so used to having all answers and solutions served on a silver platter for us that we would readily crash anything that doesn't fit nicely in our "civilized" little boxes of programmed thinking...

"If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything". Why not?
"If it's not useful, don't write about it". Who defines "useful" and how?

Why not "stand strong" amidst all?
Why not think for ourselves, feel for ourselves, make peace with our nature?
Why not express our REAL thoughts, hiding behind our TRUE emotions?

Xristiana Sophia


  1. Replies
    1. Mind/body/ID has the questions it cannot answer..

    2. It is useful to interrogate however...

    3. You never "face" your essence. You attune with your essence and then those you choose to interact with are a reflection of You/your essence, and you know it. It seizes to be a belief or an assumption you make.

  2. You have such an interesting blog. Thanks for sharing. I'm a life coach blogger. Reading blogs is my hobby and I randomly found your blog. I enjoyed reading your posts. All the best for your future blogging endeavors. Please keep in touch with me in Google+, +sridharchandrasekaran Twitter @lifecoachbloger

    1. Nothing is "random" Sridhar, so YOU finding me will somehow have some meaning for you. The time of discovering it, is non linear and cannot be intellect-controlled. Thanks for reading!


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