December 10, 2016

The Forgiveness Hoax/Code

Little words made to seem big... "I'm sorry", "please forgive me"...

Virtual realities that you can see when you enter the world of coding the matrix/consciousness or the "dream worlds".

All lies...not "lies" as we perceive the meaning but made-believe worlds of experiences that we enter at will, whether consciously or (usually) unconsciously. 

Each person's mind creates the reality (s)he wants/needs to create and play through it, not realizing that it's a self-created simulation...a created reality that they play in. 

But you CAN of you want to "look in on them", simultaneously playing in some; having your own roles to fulfill. You CAN see the details that betray/reveal the code. You have to have the feeling, the experience, not just the mental, abstract concept. 

Self/individual conscience travels anywhere through time and space, including this linear reality, which is always a challenge to balance, return to, synthesize and respect for what it is, while carrying so much more information on many invisible "fantasy" worlds. 

The pressing situations in our current reality always help us exit/see through the layers of coding, providing we want to and discipline ourselves to this desire. 

When we have accused/categorized, there is nothing that we can understand or know. We then have to rewind, go back and free the accused, REALLY free the accused and start observing again beyond the "obvious"/apparent settings, to understand again, to put together a new puzzle, to see a new image. 

The challenge of the true Scientist!

That's because we can only understand/know through innocence/"new eyes", which needs deliverance. 

Unless you rewind your perception, go back and liberate what you have accused, you keep seeing the same image, wanting to understand something different. But this can't be about "forgiveness"!

Forgiveness is needed when you KEEP the accusation, when you continue to see the same reality as the one you were seeing before but need to free yourself of its weight and pain, which you cannot do because you choose to keep seeing it. 

All such theories and techniques are hoaxes, preserving the current (current?) code of consciousness/matrix. 

Changing your level of perception is always YOUR individual challenge and responsibility and no one else's. It cannot be made "smoother" or more "appealing" with more lies/virtual realities/illusions nor does it need allies,  supporters, witnesses.

It's just YOU "standing on holy ground"; the Presence of your Self! The epitome of Co-creation...

Christiana Sophia

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  1. It' all true and magic. This the 3rd time iI read it and it is only today I realised almost the whole meaning of it


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