September 19, 2016

On Reacting

The way you react, answer to someone, talk about something that you did or didn't do when confronted, especially when confronted by someone you care about or are afraid of on some level, shows what you REALLY believe, who  you REALLY are!

Reactions reveal quite plainly who we really are, thinking we are someone else, somewhere else than where we truly are!

No matter what analysis you reach with your surface, thinking mind, what promises you make to yourself or others, what understanding you think you've reached, the way you carry yourself about and interact with the world, will always show who you really are.

It's all that you try to hide before you start to really OBSERVE yourself. It's all that you think that you can hide from others but they react to. And those who can truly see you, do so, like an open book, which you have yet to read. 

Reactions are the hardest to realize and admit because it's watching yourself "from the outside" of your eyes, outside of your body and your surface mine. When you see from inside your mind/body/ego, you see only distorted reflections of who you think you are.

The ego will want to overpass all observations because it (you) will want to keep the ideas/beliefs/impressions it already has. The next best thing it does is begin accusing, either you or someone else, it doesn't matter, to keep its power, it's perception, its reign. It actually doesn't care about the body, which it would destroy in no time (and  does), trying to prove its righteousness. 

It's not the body therefore that turns against you, it's the ego/programming installed in the mind, which devalues the body, the spirit, life....cut off from reality, isolated in its own perception/made-up truth. The ego is a "foreign entity", installed in the mind, by You! Therefore, no one can uninstall it but You, when you discover it, see it, realize it. The only way to realize the spirit, the Real You, is by experiencing and realizing what you are not, through observing it with acceptance, responsibility and conscious Will. 

All preferences, desires, fears, beliefs are the ego's. Closely linked to your soul, the totality of You, it has the power of collective memory; the hard disk/bank space with more information than the surface mind can detect from its surface existence. This needs a lot of explaining to be fully understood and is not the object of the present article.

Reactions are the surfacing of age-old ideas, beliefs, conclusions reached, experiences gained, interpretations made, which are meant to be indicators, signs to a much deeper meaning, synthesizing of our Self, which we need to explore. Not so easy when we can't see past our nose, when our limited memories prevent recollection and full view. Not possible before we are ready for that kind of responsibility! But even that, is wisely created!

We see what we are ready and willing to see, we remember what we can courageously bare, we receive what we are willing to implement in our lives. It's all justified higher equations...not punishment ar any need of suffering...

Meanwhile, the existing matrix/consciousness continues to thrive, serving those who are willing to explore its making, its depths and sightings...which are the individual makings, depths and sightings. The wonders of rightful creation, the endless possibilities that emerge from revelation. It's a much wider, richer, deeper acknowledgement than the surface mind can ever imagine or grasp.

Until then, we suffer, we sleep-walk thinking we are awake, we remain cut-off from truth, isolated and afraid of our own shadows....

Xristiana Sophia

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